Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Aereas of interest

Aereas of interest

Kant and German Idealism; Philosophy of Art; Habermas and Social Theory;  Phenomenology in Husserl, Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty;  Modern Political Philosophy (Rousseau, Kant, Hegel, Fichte, Habermas); Hermeneutics and the Philosophy of Language (Wittgenstein, continental vs. analytic).

Selected Publications

– Wittgenstein in Context. Edited together with Lars Svendsen. Akribe: Oslo, 2001.
– Håvard Vikhagen – Approaches to Painting. Together with Holger Koefoed. Oslo, 2005.

– "Husserl Y Las Aporias De La Intersubjetividad", in Anuario Filosofico 26, 1993.
– "The Politics of Recognition", in Agora 1th facile 1994.
– "Fichte's Theory of Subjectivity", in Philosophical Studies, Volume 3 Number 2 Sept. 1995.
– “Aesthetic Judgement and the Moral Image of the World”. In Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain, No. 32, 1995.
– "Wittgenstein on 'Seeing Aspects'". In Proceedings to the International Wittgenstein Symposium, 1997.
– “The Art of Experience – Wittgenstein on Seeing Aspects”. In Agora, 3/4, 1998.
– "Habermas and Kant: Judgement and Communicative Experience". In Philosophy and Social Criticism, vol 26, no 6, 2000.
– “Idealism and Imagination: Heidegger’s Recovery of die Seinsfrage”. In Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain, 2000.
– “Kant’s Deduction of the Principle of Reflective Judgement”. In Proceedings to the IX. International Kant-Kongress. Akademie Verlag:        Berlin, 2000.
– “The Disintegration of Beauty – Philosophical Modernism from Kant to Adorno”. In B. Bærøe (ed.): Deterritorializations. Spartacus: Oslo, 2000.
– “Adorno and the Experience of Metaphysics”. In Philosophy and Social Criticism,
– “Wittgenstein’s Continuation of Romanticism – Stanley Cavell on Scepticism, Acknowledgement and the Ordinary”. In Ståle Finke and Lars Svendsen (ed.): Wittgenstein in Context. Akribe: Oslo, 2001.
– “Leading a Human Life”. In Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, Vol. 31, No 2, May 2000.
– “Concepts and Intuitions – Adorno After the Linguistic Turn”. In Inquiry, 44, 2001.
– “Cultural  Committments and Normative Freeedom”.  NFT, volume 1-2, 2003.
– “The Lack of Nature in Humans – John Duprés Critique of Evolutionary Psychology”. In Agora, volume 4, 2003.
– “American Exeptionalism – Carl Schmitt and the Justification for the Souvereignity of the Political”. In Retfærd,  nr. 2, 2005.
– “Mediumspecificity and the Aftermath of Modernism”. In Holger Koefoed (red.): Kunstene og det mediespesifikke. Pax; Oslo, 2005.
– “Mimesis and medium – Modernism and the Disintegrations of the Arts”. In NFT, nr. 1, 2006.
– “The Aesthetic Embodiement of Communicative Reason – Habermas  and Schiller”. In O. Lysaker/C. Akvaag (ed.): Habermas – Kritiske lesninger. Pax: Oslo, 2007.
– “Adorno – Between Epistemology  and Ontology”. In Deborah Cook (ed.): Adorno: Key Concepts. Acumen Publisihing: Stocksfield, 2008.

– “Political Autonomy and Moral Self-Understadning – Kant’s Justification of ‘Substantive Freedom’”. In G. Ogjenovic: Responsibility in Context. Springer Verlag, 2009. 

- “Hermeneutikk som politikk: offentlig fornuft og religion hos Habermas og Hegel”. I Nytt norsk tidsskrift, vol. 3-4, 2009.