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My reseach focus

1. Medieval urbanism/urbanity

My main research interest is medieval urbanisation  with particular focus on the development of urban social pracise ("urbanity"), urban identity,  social space formation processe and urban ecology . In earlier reserach this interest focused on medieval urbanization as a part of state formation processes, including discussions on the role and nature of trade and production, control over valuables/prestige object, natural resources and trading routes and christianisation  as an instrument for gaining and maintaining political power. At the end of the 1990s I felt this was a too narrow basis for understanding urban development, and I seached for alternative approaches of understanding “urbanism” percieved  from principally being understood as a matter of topographical and functional development to "urban ways of living", a matter of social practice very much inspired by Georg Simmel, Andreas reckwitz, Theodor Schatzky and Elizabeth Shove.

2. Medieval urban health and environment

SPT trigge an interest in medieval urban health, welfare, which in 2016  led to the  cross-disciplinary project “Medieval urban health: From individual to public responsibility AD 1000-1600” funded by  Norwegian Research Council (FRIPRO-HUMSAM research program). Fort further information follow the link

Health and welfare is very much dependent on the material environment, which for the very last years have trigged a groving interest for (medieval) urban ecology and the correspondence between the medieval comprehension of  Nature and the relationship between religious belief, Nature and how it affects the ability to act towards treats and danger from the environment and environmental (climatic) changes

3. Heritage in conflict

My interest in heritage management was trigged by the ongoing threat of war and conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in 2007 I   launched a small awareness building project together with anthropologists:  Afghanistan: Heritage in Danger financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires, funded by The Royal Norwegian Society of sciences and letters. The purpose was to draw attention to  cultural heritage in war and conflict and the connection between cultural heritage and human rights, with particular focus on the situation in Afghanistan and Myanmar.The main outcome of this activity has, so far, been photo exhibitions presented in Scandinavia (

4. Museology

My imuseology research interest has a  particular focus on the history of museums,  knowledge production in university museums and heritage in conflict.. With colleagues from other university museums in Norway we launched in 2010 a research project in museology, The Knowledge of Museums (no. Museers Viten),  funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

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