Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

I graduated from the University of Lund, Sweden in Dec. 1980 presenting the  PhD. thesis Håndverkt i forandring: Studier i horn- og beinhådnverkets utvikling i Lund ca. 1000-1350 (The transition of handicraft:Studies in the developement of antler- and horn handicraft in Lund 100-1350). Between 1980-1983 I was a reader in medieval archaeology at the Institute of Medieval Archaeology, University of Lund and between 1983-1985 curator /archaeologisdt at the City Museum of Copenhagen. Between 1985-1994 I was project leader for the reserach project Trondheims fortid i bygrunnen”(Trondheims Past in its Culture Layers) initiated by the  Directorate for Cultural Heritage of Norway. The project aimed at research and publishing of the huge material from the archaeological investigations  at the Library Site, Trondheim carried out 1973-1985, among the most extensive urban archaeological excavations carried out in any Scandinavian medieval town at that time. For this work I was, together with Sæbjørg Nordeiede and Erik Jondell, awarded the Trondheim Muniscipality´s  Culture Price 1994. In 1994 I was appointed leader of the Center for Medieval Studies at the NTNU University and in 1995 I became the first  Head of Research at The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research in Oslo. In 1998 I was appointed professor in Historical Archaeology at the NTNU University in Trondheim. In Nov. 2002 I was appointed Director of the NTNU University Museum. During my time as director the museum was awarded the Trondheim City´s Residents Associations Award (2009), The Museum of the Year in Norway (2010) and membership in the European Museum Excellence Club - Best in Heritage (2011). In 2013 I returned to my professorship in historical archaeology. In 2014 I spent 5 months as research Fellow at the McDonald Institute of Archaeology Cambridge University. During my stay in Cambridge I studied urban materiality and changing social behavior in urban communities in medieval Scandinavia. In 2016 the project “Medieval urban health: From individual to public responsibility AD 1000-1600” received financial support from Norwegian Research Council on a grant application to the FRIPRO-HUMSAM research program, fort further information follow the link

Until 2002 I conducted research in various archaeological subjects like urban archaeology, social space, archaeological theory, and the relationship between text and material objects. My main research interest, though, is still and unflinching, urban development. In earlier years this interest focused on medieval urbanization as a part of state formation processes, including discussions on the role and nature of trade and production, control over valuables/prestige object, natural resources and trading routes together with ideology/beliefs as instruments for gaining and maintaining political power. At the end of the 1990s I felt this was a too narrow basis for understanding urban development, and I started to work on alternative approaches of understanding “urbanism” and “urban development” from principally being understood as a matter of topographical and functional development to a matter of social practice very much inspired by Georg Simmel, Andreas reckwitz, Theodor Schatzky and Elizabeth Shove.

As Director I gradually developed an interest in museology with particular focus on the history of museums, dissemination of knowledge and knowledge production in museums. Together with colleagues at other university museums in Norway we initiated (2010) a research project in museology called Museers Viten (The Knowledge of Museums), financed by the Norwegian Research Council. From around 2005 my interest in heritage was trigged by the ongoing threat of war and conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, and I initiated an awareness building project called Afghanistan: Heritage in Danger financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affaires. The purpose was to shed light on the relationship between war and cultural heritage, as well as the connection between cultural heritage and human rights.The main outcome of this activity has (so far) been photo exhibitions presented in Scandinavia ( Heritage studies with special attention to heritage in conflict and human rights issues is the second part of my long term research plans. 



Name:                          Axel Christophersen
Present position:        Professor, NTNU University Museum, Norway
Born:                            13.10.1951, Trondheim
Nationality:                  Norwegian
Civil status:                 Married, 2 children (1980, 1986)

Years with the firm:  Aug.1998

Previous occupations:

1980-1983: Lecturer in medieval archaeology, Ins. of Medieval Archaeology, University of Lund, Sweden
1982-1985: Curator, Copenhagen City Museum, Denmark

1985-1993: Senior antiquarian, The Directorate of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings,  Norway

1994-1995: Director, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Trondheim, Norway
1995-1998: Head of research division/senior researcher, Norwegian Institute of  Cultural Heritage Research, Divisionof Archaeology and Landscape.
1998-2002: Professor in historical archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, NTNU Norway.


2002 -2013 : Director of the University Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, NTNU, Norway.

2013 -         : Professor in historical archaeology, Section of Archaeology, University Museum, NTNU

Publ. charge:

Leader of The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institution, Council of University Museums (2004-2008), member of The Councils of Deans NTNU, Head of the board of Norwegian Museums Association (2011- ), Member of Scientific Committe ERA JPI Cultural heritage and Global Chance (2014 - ), member of The Norwegian National Museum of Justice Board (2005 - ), Member of The Universitu Museum, University of Stavanger (2016 -), various national official committees appointed by the Ministry of Education and research.


Apr. 120 publications (books, papers and articles in national and international scientific journals) within
theoretical archaeology, state formation processes, urbanisation/long term urban developement, medieval household and housing, medieval economic and social developement, cultural landscapes, social space. Hundreds of popular articles, cronicles etc on historical and archaeological issues, museum politics, culture management etc.


1970: (Trondheim Katedralskole)
1971: Ethnology (40 point), University of Oslo
1973: European archaeology (40 point), University of Bergen
1974: History (40 point), University of Trondheim
1980: Phil. Dr. in medieval archaeology, University of  Lund, Sweden
2004-2005: Nordic Museum Leadership Programme, The Danish Museum Training Institute.


1994: Det Kongelige norske Vitenskabers Selskab, Humanistisk klasse (The Royal Society for Science and Humatities).



1994: The Trondheim Council Culture Price (for archeological investigations, reseach and publications in the history of medieval Trondheim)  shared witrh Erik Jondell and Sæbjørg Nordeide.

2008: The Trondheim City's Welfare Committee's Price (on behalf of NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet).

2010: Museum of the Year 2010

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

Viser et utvalg av aktivitet. Se alle publikasjoner i databasen


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Del av bok/rapport

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