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Telegrams from the Arctic Ocean Research Cruise in Aug.-Sept. 2016

Live Blog from the Oden Icebreaker

– 29 August 2016

ORC 2016

Local time: UTC 14.39
Position: 85° 57.45'N 148° 03.31'W
Heading: 327°
Speed: 0.7 knots
Water depth: 2174 m
Wind speed: 8.2 m/s
Air temperature: -1.23°C
Feels like (wind chill): -7.45°C
Sea temperature: -1.5°C

Photo (NTNU): Picture from 21 August.

For the past few days we have been breaking ice for LSSL that has been shooting seismic. After meeting heavy ice conditions, with a lot of ridges and multi-year ice, on the last seismic line, the plan was changed to head west into more manageable ice. For the last few hours we have done coring and taking a CTD. Now we are waiting for the ice station to finish up and come back onboard. Due to fog, the ice stations were placed on a floe next to the ship, and not the normal distance (15nm-20nm) away from the ship. The weather today has been cloudy with a lot of fog. 

Involved PhD candidates from NTNU: Hans-Martin Heyn (AMOS/SAMCoT/IMT), Jon Bjørnø (SAMCoT/IMT) and Runa Skarbø (CIRFA/BAT)

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Den tidligere marinstudenten Daniel Svoren forteller sin historie om veien fra studie til jobb.

Den tidligere marinstudenten Solveig Bjørneset forteller om alle mulighetene hun har i jobben hennes.