IDIG4002 - Computer Graphics Fundamentals and Applications

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Vurderingsordning: Written exam
Karakter: Bokstavkarakterer

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Written exam 100/100 4 timer E

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High-quality image rendering is increasingly important in media technologies, with many applications ranging from entertainment to product design and architecture. This course is an introductory course to computer graphics, encompassing the fundamental mathematical and physical principles that are the basis of rendering techniques. Furthermore, students will learn how to apply these concepts by using an open source software package, pbrt, to render images.

The core topics include:

  • 3D Geometry and transformations
  • Camera models and Projections
  • The graphics pipeline
  • Lights
  • Diffuse, specular and glossy reflections
  • Basic surface scattering models
  • Rendering equation and Ray Tracing.



  • Understand the mathematical foundations of computer graphics
  • Be able to explain in detail the components of the graphics pipeline
  • Understand the theory and practice behind a surface scattering model
  • Describe the process of rendering a photorealistic image


  • Be able to render 3D models and scenes using open source software
  • Be able to implement surface scattering models

General competencies

  • Be able to understand implementations of fundamental algorithms and data structures from computer graphics
  • Possess the basis for performing research in the field

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

Students will learn through lectures, exercises, and practical assignment (s). Furthermore, the mandatory activity for this course is the final project. Please note that the students must perform acceptably well in the practical assignment (s) to be eligible to take the final project. The final project must be agreed upon in advance with the course responsible and is done in groups. The students must prepare a project proposal on topics building upon the course content, specifying goals and subdivision of the work.

Obligatoriske aktiviteter

  • Project proposal
  • Project presentation
  • Laboratory report

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Grades will be given on the scale A-F. The student must obtain a passed grade in the written exam in order to complete the course. The student must produce a lab report of good quality to be eligible to take the final exam.

Additionally, students will work in groups of at least two on a project work. A project proposal should be prepared and submitted by the students. The proposal will be assessed and approved by the course responsible before the student can start implementing the project. The final project will be evaluated based on an oral presentation (in the classroom). Both the proposal and the presentation are mandatory to be eligible to take the final exam.

Re-sit examination:

There will be a re-sit for the written exam at the end of February or in March. The re-sit examination can be oral.

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There is no prerequisite course for IDIG4002. However, students are highly encouraged to check the "Recommended prior knowledge" before taking the course.


Textbook: Pharr, M., Jakob, W., & Humphreys, G. (2018). Physically based rendering: From theory to implementation. Online edition. Additionally, other resources will be used.

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Undervises:  HØST 2022

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Institutt for datateknologi og informatikk


Vurderingsordning: Written exam

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Høst ORD Written exam 100/100 E 14.12.2022 09:00 INSPERA
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Vår UTS Muntlig eksamen 100/100 01.02.2023
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