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Parshakov, Petr, Naidenova, Iuliia, Assanskiy, Arthur, and Nesseler, Cornel
Obesity and Individual Performance: The Case of Esports 
International Journal of Obesity

Dur, Robert, Gomez, Carlos, and Nesseler, Cornel
How to reduce discrimination? Evidence from a field experiment in amateur soccer 
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Parshakov, Petr, Naidenova, Iuliia, Gomez, Carlos, and Nesseler, Cornel
Do LGBTQ-supportive corporate policies affect consumer behavior? Evidence from the video game industry
Journal of Business Ethics

Mette Eskea, Steffen Raska og Rasmus K. Storma.
Idræt i Danmark under Corona: Hvad er konsekvensen af en pandemi for danskernes idrætsvaner?
Forum for Idræt, Historie og Samfund

Harry Arne Solberg og Terje Gaustad
International Sport Broadcasting: A Comparison of European Soccer Leagues and the Major North American Team Sports
Sport Broadcasting for Managers

Becker, D.M., H.A. Solberg, G.S. Heyerdahl
The financial challenges of hosting sports events: a problem of insufficient separation between decision-making and decision-control
European Sport Management Quarterly

Jacobsen, Åse, Tor G. Jakobsen, & Rasmus K. Storm
Center versus Periphery: The Impact of Hosting National Football Matches outside the Capital
International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

Storm, Rasmus K. & Tor G. Jakobsen
Does International Elite Sporting Success or Hosting Major Events Affect Self-Rated Health? An Examination of Potential Positive Externalities Related to International Sporting Tournaments
Managing Sport and Leisure


Solberg, Harry Arne, Becker, Denis; Denstadli, Jon Martin; Heldal, Frode; Knardal, Per Ståle; Thøring, Thor Atle
Why are major sports events trapped in the Winner’s curse? A case study of the 2017 World Road Cycling Championship
Sport, Business, Management - An International Journal 

Lechner Eva & Solberg, Harry Arne 
The competition for government funding of major sports events: Why do some applicants pass the needle’s eye? 
International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics

Knardal, Per Ståle; Landrø, Karsten Selseth
The school band and the Kulturskole are a single 'thing': Exploring co-production between the public sector and a non-governmental organisation
Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education
Gerrard, Bill; Kringstad, Morten
The multi-dimensionality of competitive balance: evidence from European football. 
Sport, Business and Management
Jacobsen, Åse; Kringstad, Morten; Olsen, Tor-Eirik
Extraordinary Funding and a Financially Viable Football Industry—Friends or Foes? A Norwegian Football League Perspective 

Kringstad, Morten; Olsen, Tor-Eirik; Jakobsen, Tor Georg; Storm, Rasmus K.; Schelde, Nikolaj
Match Experience at the Danish Women's Soccer National A-Team Matches: An Explorative Study 
Erichsen, Morten, Trond Stiklestad, Marthe L. Holum, & Tor G. Jakobsen 
Added Value for Sponsors: A Study of Network in Football 2011–2018 
Sport, Business and Management

Dietl, Helmut, Gomez, Carlos, Moretti, Paolo and Nesseler, Cornel 
Does persistence pay off? Accessing social activities with a foreign-sounding name
Applied Economics

Storm, Rasmus K.; Eske, Mette
Dual Careers and Academic Achievements: Does Elite Sport Make a Difference?
Sport, Education and Society

Storm, Rasmus K.; Nielsen, Klaus
Greenland’s Elite Sport System: Capabilities, Challenges and Performance of a (Very) Small Nation in the World’s Largest Island.
Journal of global sport management

Wagner, Ulrik; Storm, Rasmus K.
Theorizing the form and impact of sport scandals
International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Wagner, Ulrik; Storm, Rasmus K.; Cortsen, Kenneth.
Commercialization, Governance Problems, and the Future of European Football – Or Why the European Super League is not a Solution to the Challenges Facing Football
International Journal of Sport Communication



Knardal, Per Ståle; Bjørnenak, Trond
Managerial characteristics and budget use in festival organizations 
Journal of Management Control

Knardal, Per Ståle; Burns, John
The use of accounting in managing the institutional complexities of a festival organisation pursuing financial and social objectives
Journal of Accounting and Organizational Change

Gomez, Carlos, Dietl, Helmut, and Nesseler, Cornel
Unbiased decisions among women’s basketball referees
Frontiers in Psychology

Gomez, Carlos, Nesseler, Cornel, and Thadeu Gasparetto. 
An empirical comparison of African American and White American managers' contract length
Sport in Society

Storm, Rasmus K. & Tor G. Jakobsen
National Pride, Sporting Success and Event Hosting: An Analysis of Intangible Effects Related to Major Athletic Tournaments
International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics

Denstadli, J. M. and Solberg, H. A.  
I want to Ride my Bicycle! Or Not? Health and Transportation Legacies of the 2017 World Road Cycling Championship

European Sport Management Quarterly.  

Cornel Maria Nesseler, Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez, Helmut M. Dietl, Julio del Corral
Race and Employment: The Historical Case of Head Coaches in College Basketball        
Frontiers in Sociology

Thadeu Gasparetto, Cornel Maria Nesseler
Diverse Effects of Thermal Conditions on Performance of Marathon Runners        
Frontiers in Psychology

Per Ståle Knardal, Trond Bjørnenak
Managerial characteristics and budget use in festival organizations        
Journal of Management Control    

Morten Kringstad
Comparing competitive balance between genders in team sports        
European Sport Management Quarterly 

Rasmus Klarskov Storm, Marthe Liss Holum
Does local sporting success affect sport participation? An examination of Danish professional soccer's effect on club membership    
European Sport Management Quarterly

Tor Georg Jakobsen, Rasmus Klarskov Storm, Nikolaj Schelde
Stadium experience and word-of-mouth: a panel data analysis of national A-team men’s football matches in Denmark, 2013–17        
Managing Sport and Leisure

Cornel Maria Nesseler, Carlos Gomez-Gonzalez, Thadeu Gasparetto
Head coach tenure in college women’s soccer. Do race, gender, and career background matter?        
Sport in Society


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