PhD Bygg

PhD Bygg


Sliding Stability on Concrete Dams

Dipen Bista

Supervisor: Leif Lia

Co-Supervisor: Fredrik Johansson

Method for reduced uncertainty in stage-discharge curves

Øyvind Pedersen

Supervisor: Nils Rüther

Co-supervisor: Jochen Aberle



Safe and Efficient Two-Way Migration for Salmonids and European Eel past Hydropower Structures

Marcell Szabo-Meszaros


Supervisor: Knut Alfredsen

Co-supervisors: Torbjørn Forseth & Jochen Aberle

Numerical Modeling of Air Entrainment in Hydraulic Structures        

Silje Kreken Almeland

Supervisor: Nils-Reidar Bøe Olsen

Rock traps in pumped storage and peaking power plants

Ola Haugen Havrevoll

Supervisor: Kaspar Vereide

Embankment dam safety under extreme loading conditions

Ganesh Hiriyanna Rao Ravindra

Supervisor: Fjola Gudrun Sigtryggsdottir

Environmental design for multiple interests under future flexible hydropower operation

Håkon Sundt

Supervisor: Knut Alfredsen

Co-supervisor: Torbjørn Forseth

Simulating reservoir flushing in scale models using lightweight sediments

Sanat Karmacharya

Supervisor: Nils Ruther

Co-supervisor: Jochen Aberle and Meg B Bishwakarma

In cooperation with: Hydro Lab

Upgrading of hydropower plants to pumped storage plants: reconstruction and improvements of the tunnel system

Livia Pitorac

Supervisors:Leif Lia and Kaspar Vereide

Operation of hydropower plants exposed on high sediment yield. Non-intrusive bedload measurements

Slaven Conevski

Supervisor: Nils Ruther

Co-supervisor: Massimo Guerrero.

In cooperation with: University of Bologna

Post Doc. Bygg

Post Doc. Bygg

Hydraulics of unlined tunnels: Experimental investigations

Christy Ushanth Navaratnam

Supervisors: Jochen Aberle

Project: Tunnel Roughness 

         Linking physical wall roughness of unlined tunnels to hydraulic resistance

       Pierre-Yves Henry

            Supervisor: Jochen Aberle

            Co-supervisor: Nils Reidar B. Olsen