Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

My personal homepage with articles and recorded lectures:

I co-founded Ascend NTNU in 2015. This is a robotics group at the roof of El-bygget that builds autonomous drones for hopefully good causes, and participate in the annual International Aerial Robotics Competition.

I once gave a talk about computer vision and my work at Ascend:

I also gave a talk about a debugging tool I have worked on for a while:

My master thesis introduced constructive solid geometry to SLAM.

Since 2017 I am a Ph.D student at Engineering Cybernetics (ITK). My work is basically about computer vision in the air. Here are some keywords that might strike you fancy for a conversation:

  • Teleoperation of small flying vehicles
  • SLAM, visual odometry, localization, pose estimation, multi-view stereo, sfm
  • Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)
  • 3D mapping for pilot visualization
  • 3D mapping with low resolution sensors

Main supervisor: Annette Stahl

Co-supervisors: Edmund Brekke, Tor Arne Johansen

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