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Phd Project title: Refugee encounters with Norwegian friluftsliv: negotiating recognition in a moral landscape. 

Project aim: To critically examine the assumption that friluftsliv and outdoor recreation activities are successful arenas for integration and social inclusion of refugees into Norwegian society.

Brief outline: The Phd project uses a case study approach in several small towns in western Norway to explore refugee encounters with and in Norwegian nature and outdoor recreation, and the processes in these encounters which can contribute to social inclusion or exclusion. 

Main research questions: 

  • How can friluftsliv contribute to social inclusion and exclusion of refugees in a Norwegian context?
  • How are refugees’ activities and behaviours in friluftsliv subjected to, or not subjected to, normative control?
  • What role does pre-migration experiences, understandings and practices in nature play in refugee encounters with Norwegian friluftsliv?

Key concepts: Moral geographies; geographies of encounter; social inclusion; integration; outdoor recreation; friluftsliv; migration; ethnographies; walking interviews: mobile methodologies. 

Supervisors: Prof. Gunhild Setten, Assoc. Prof. Hilde Nymoen Rørtveit

Time period: February 2017-October 2021. 


Teaching responsibilities (current and previous): 

Qualitative methods (guest lecturer, post-graduate level) 

Social Difference, Identity and Place (guest lecturer, post-graduate level)  

Academic Writing (seminar leader, bachelor level) 


International cooperation: 

Visiting researcher (January - June 2019), hosted by the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities, University of Wollongong, Australia. 


Previous work experience:

  • Researcher and project administrator with focus on integration, labour and rural settlement patterns (Møreforsking Volda)
  • Refugee settlement co-ordinator (Eid Municipality)
  • Mobilisation of Norwegian research and industry towards internationalization of research through Horizon 2020 (Research Council of Norway)
  • Administration of the Industrial PhD program (Research Council of Norway) 
  • Reception and guidance of newly arrived asylum seekers at Refstad Asylmottak (Norwegian Peoples Aid) 
  • Academic writing consultant (The Writing Centre, University of Life Sciences)
  • Research on transnationalism and nation building in post-conflict Tamil Eelam (Sri Lanka) and Norway, bi-local fieldwork. (Master’s degree, Noragric, NMBU, Ås) 

Publications and Reports: 

Anderson, Sarah (2019) 'Ull innerst, fortsatt utenfor? Når flyktninger møter Norsk friluftsliv', Rapport fra Forskning i Friluft 2018: Friluftsliv i 150år, Tønsberg 5. og 6. desember. Norsk Friluftsliv. pp. 176 - 184. Webpage: 

Anderson, Sarah (2018) 'Fungerer friluftsliv som integreringsarena - egentlig?', Utemagasinet, January 2018. Webpage:

Halvorsen, Lars Julius; Fondevik, Birgitte; Hareide, Lidun; Anderson, Sarah. (2017)
‘Fra Syria til det norske hus. Følgeevalueringen av prosjektet "Nordic-ID" - fra sandaler til beksømsko’. Rapport nr 81/2017. Volda: Skriftserien, Høgskulen i Volda/Møreforsking Volda, 33 s. 

Anderson, Sarah (2011) ‘From Oslo with love: remittances, resistance and staying Tamil in Oslo and Batticaloa’. Master’s thesis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

Anderson, Sarah (2008) ‘The right to health: whether the people of Fiji enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. Preliminary findings of the Fiji Human Rights Commission’. Suva, Fiji Human Rights Commission

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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