Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

PhD student working on edible insects and design. Background in graphic design and sustainability studies.

At NTNU I work with edible insects and design, which is the exact continuum of my master’s thesis. In my research, I study motives, consumer behaviour and product design in order to adopt insects into western diets. My PhD is a three-year EU funded project and the goal is to find concrete ways to make people (including myself) eat more insects through design interventions. As my background is in graphic design, I will also look into visual perceptions of insects and marketing, what are the aspects that make them disgusting and how edible insects should be presented.

Before joining NTNU, I worked in a consultancy for sustainable business as a graphic designer and consultant, visualising project results into infographics for the customers. Previously, I also worked as a freelancer and I designed the first edible insect product to Finnish markets.