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Ragnhild Lund is Professor Emerita of Geography/Development Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, since 1994. Her research interests are theories of development and geography, gender and development, development induced displacement, mobility and migration, post-crisis recovery, women’s activism and wellbeing. Over the years she has lead several externally funded projects on gender and development, forced migration, post-crisis recovery, and crisis communication. The present projects she is working with are about mobile livelihoods, re-thinking gender, domestic violence, and livelihoods and wellbeing.  She is editor and co-author of Fisherfolk in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka. Migration, Gender and Well-being (2020), Gendered Entanglements. Revisiting Gender in Rapidly Changing  Asia (2015),Gender, Mobilities, and Livelihoods transformations. Comparing indigenous people in China, Laos, and India (2014), Developing a Crisis Communication Score Card (2011), Gender and Place (1994), Renegotiating Local Values. Working Women and Foreign Industry in Malaysia (1994), In the Maze of Displacement (2003), Global Childhood, Globalization, Development and Young People (2008), The Tsunami of 2004 in Sri Lanka: Impacts and Policy in the Shadow of Civil War (2010), Gender, Mobilities and Livelihood Transformation Comparing Indigenous People in China, India and Laos (2013), and Gendered Entanglements. Revisiting Gender in Rapdily Changing Asia (2015). In addition she has published scientific articles on gender, activism, mobility, livelihoods, orphanhood/HIV/AIDS, and youth linkages. She has co-edited Gender, Technology and Development and Norwegian Journal of Geography.

In addition to leading the externally funded projects presented below Ragnhild is presently working with individual research on the following issues: meanings of self in knowledge production, indigenous people (Sri Lanka and India), homemaking among immigrant workers in Shanghai and Beijing with Yunxian Wang), gendered activism (India with Smita Mishra Panda), re-visiting the field and changing subjectivities (Malaysia with Merete Lie), social costs of development (with Smita Mishra and Haribandu Panda), youth (Sri Lanka with Cathrine Brun and Fazeeha Azmi), fishing communities in Cambodia, India and Sri Lanka (with Kyoko Kusakabe, Nitya Rao, Needra Weerakoon).

Recent externally funded projects:

2009-2013: Mobile livelihoods and gendered citizenship: the counter-geographies of indigenous people in India, China and Laos (Funded by NORGLOBAL, the Research Council of Norway).

2010-2014: Re-visiting Gender in Development: Complex Inequalities in a Changing Asia (Funded by NORGLOBAL, the Research Council of Norway).

2012-2017: Evaluating interventions in antenatal care to identify and assist victims of gender based violence in Nepal and Sri Lanka (Funded by GLOBVAC)

2016-2019: Migration and collectives/networks as pathways out of poverty. Gendered vulnerabilities and capabilities amongst poor fishing communities in Asia (Funded by FRIPRO), the Research Council of Norway)

2017 - 2021: Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Skill Integrated Education. Collaboration with Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM), Odisha, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Funded by UTFORSK/SIU

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