Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

I am a PhD student in the Physiology Group working specifically within the Jutfelt Fish Ecophysiology Lab and started in February 2016. My PhD shall be looking at thermal biology in zebrafish. Specifically I shall investigate whether thermal tolerance has the potential to evolve within a population and what physiological mechanisms may be aiding/limiting their ability to adapt or acclimate to increased temperatures. I am also interested in the relationship between behaviour and physiology in response to heat stress, and how this may impact survivability in a warming climate.

I am from the UK and took my BSc. degree in Biology at the University of St Andrews, but before coming to NTNU I was based at the University of Bergen, graduating in 2014 with a Masters in Fisheries Biology and Management. Here my research focused on capture-induced behaviour and how herring behaviour could be used to assess post-crowding stress in purse-seine fisheries. 

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