Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Jeg er professor i Mikrobiell økologi med generell interesse i akvatiske økosystemer - både naturlige og unaturlige (menneskeskapte).


  • Professor i mikrobiell økologi
  • Leder av fagruppe "Analyse og kontroll av mikrobielle systemer"
  • Underviser TBT4110 Mikrobiologi, BT8101 Mikrobiell økologi, AK8000 Marin yngelteknologi
  • Involvert i prosjektene MIRA, MicStaTech, MICRO-Feed, MicroMucus, EurOmega, DIACIL  

I’m a professor in Microbial Ecology with general interest in aquatic ecosystems - both natural and un-natural (human created). Besides basic aspects, I’m interested in applied microbial ecology which can be placed under the heading Environmental Biotechnology. 

Environmental Biotechnology is the application of biotechnology for solving environmental problems, both in the environment per se (e.g. bioremediation) or in man made ecosystems (e.g. sewage treatment plants). Environmental biotechnology search for technologies that are in accordance with ecological principals, based on a “join them” instead of a “beat them” strategy. Microbial Ecology, defined as scientific studies of interactions and basic principals that determine the distribution and abundance of microorganisms, is therefore a basic platform for analyses of problems and for development of technologies.
Ongoing activities are related to the following topics:
- Structure and functioning of natural planktonic ecosystems
- Host/microbe and microbe/microbe interactions in fish
- Microbial management of marine fish larvae
- Chemical and microbial water quality in aquaculture
- Optimization of lipids in microorganisms as a raw material for fish feed
- Biotechnological applications of microalgae in material science
I'm involved in the teaching of the following subjects:
TBT4110      Microbiology
BT8101        Microbial Ecology
NA6001-4     Natural science for teachers