Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Kittinat has experience across a wide spectrum of seismic acquisition, survey design, data processing and seismic imaging. He received his BSc in Physics from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, and his MS in Geophysics from Stanford University, USA. He then worked as a geophysicist at PTT Exploration and Production Plc. In the recent years, he has been a seismic processing QC representative for several projects. He has also processed several 2D & 3D land and marine seismic data through both time and depth imaging methods. He is currently a PhD candidate at NTNU. His research mainly involves the time-lapse seismic analysis for petroleum reservoir and CO2 storage monitoring. His experience in seismic processing QC and seismic imaging research has enabled himself to build a significant base in the petroleum exploration industry and academic research.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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