Bakgrunn og aktiviteter


  • MSc in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology; specialized in Materials Chemistry and Energy Technology (NTNU; 2012).
  • PhD in Physical Metallurgy (NTNU; 2016).


2016 - present: SFI Metal Production

  • Associated with the Norwegian Waste to Value project and the European RemovAl project on recycling and refining of metallurgical waste streams.
  • Thermodynamics and modelling of metallurgical processes; including FactSage, ChemApp and HSC Chemistry


2012 - 2016: Physical Metallurgy; Solidification and Casting

  • Impurity control of multicrystalline silicon.
    • Impurity diffusion from crystallization crucibles. 
  • Structure control of multicrystalline silicon.
    • Nucleation, mono-like and high-performance multicrystalline silicon.

Vitenskapelig, faglig og kunstnerisk arbeid

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  • Solem, Cathrine Kyung Won; Ekstrøm, Kai Erik; Tranell, Gabriella; Aune, Ragnhild Elizabeth. (2020) Evaluation of the Effect of CO2 Cover Gas on the Rate of Oxidation of an AlMgSi Alloy. Light Metals.
  • Ekstrøm, Kai Erik; Bugten, Andreas Voll; Tranell, Gabriella. (2020) Spent potlining: Experimental work and thermochemical modelling in SFI Metal Production. 2020.





  • Ekstrøm, Kai Erik; Øvrelid, Eivind Johannes; Dahl, Øystein. (2012) Growth and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires for Solar Cell Applications. 2012.