Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Ph.D. and B.Eng. in Computer Science

Research in Big Data, Knowledge Management, Industrial IoT, HPC, Security&Privacy, in the context of Safety Critical Systems. My research is application-oriented with strong focus on real-world data. ResearchGate

Teaching AI (Bachelor); Deep Learning (Master/PhD).

Supervision I enjoy working with students on research/inquery-driven topics. I am particularly proud of the success of those "underdog" students, e.g., my first master student in Norway, with a bachelor in port design, is now a data visual analytics expert in Alibaba Group.

Latest news:

Academic activities


  • Outstanding Paper Award, IEEE CPSCom 2019
    • J. Zhou, H.N.Dai, and H.Wang, Portable Convolution Neural Networks for Traffic Sign Recognition in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Outstanding Leadership Award, IEEE CIT 2017
  • Outstanding Service Award, IEEE DataCom 2015
  • Certificate of Appreciation, McMaster Centre for Software Certification, 2014

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