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Halfdan Petursson is an Icelandic medical doctor and a researcher at the General Practice Research Unit (Allmennmedisinsk forskningsenhet), Department of Public Health and General Practice (Institutt for samfunnsmedisin), NTNU. He received his PhD degree in 2012 and his research field is mainly cardiovascular risk factors and guidelines.

Halfdan is also a specialist trainee in general practice/family medicine in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Candidatus Medicinae from the University of Iceland, Faculty of Medicine 2008
Medical licence in Iceland and Norway 2009
Philosophiae Doctor in Public health from NTNU, Faculty of Medicine 2012

PhD thesis

The Validity and Relevance of International Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guidelines for General Practice

The aim of this PhD project was to further develop an evidence based understanding of what implementation of internationally renowned clinical guidelines in the field of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention can mean in a Norwegian context, with emphasis on the role of general practitioners and organization of primary health care services. This included estimating the prevalence of individuals "at risk" for CVD, and the potential workload associated with the recommended treatment measures; revising the predictive ability of the guidelines´ estimates of CVD risk; and reflecting upon practical and ethical questions regarding clinical guidelines and the treatment of risk factors.

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Material & Methods

  • HUNT 2 
  • HUNT 3
  • Descriptive quantitative statistics
  • Cox regression analysis
  • SPSS
  • Stata

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