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Professor, Ph.D. Britt-Marie Drottz-Sjöberg, works at the Department of Psychology, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her speciality is social psychology, see also Social Psychology and Risk, and she is a member of the ROSS Gemini Centre  Drottz-Sjöberg has published in these fields of  research since the mid 1980’s, including public reactions to radiation, radioactive waste, environmental issues as well as perception and communication in contexts of health, environment and technology. She was the president of the SRA-Europe 1998-99,a mamber of the Swedish National Committee on Radiation Protection Research at KVA til 2017, the Scientific Advisory Board of the Swedish Risk Academy til 2019 and is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

Projects in progress: Risk Perception and Communication: Comparisons of reactions to the Fukushima and Chernobyl accidents. NTNU/psychology and Japanese universities in Nagoya and Fukushima.

Professor Tatsuo Ujiie

Nagoya university

Drottz-Sjøberg, B.-M. (2019). Aspects of Risk Communication. Presentation at the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s seminar, May 22, Piperska Muren, Stockholm.

Drottz-Sjøberg, B.-M. (2019). Communication on Water. Presentation at the Nordic Meeting on Water and Sewer Trondheim Municipality, May 7, Trondheim, Statens Hus.

Drottz-Sjøberg, B.-M. (2019). Perspectives on interaction with society and associated risks and uncertainties. The NKS 'Nordic Nuclear and Radiation Risk Estimates - Advances and Uncertainties' seminar, Stockholm, January 15-16.

Drottz-Sjøberg, B. M. (2018). Public perception on radioactive waste issues from a social psychology point of view. Presentation at the IAEA Technical Meeting: Learning from the Experience of Local Communities on Stakeholder involvement in Radioactive waste Management Programmes. November 13, Vienna, Austria.

Drottz-Sjøberg, B.-M. (2017). Reactions to risk – are lessons from the Chernobyl accident relevant in our time? Presentation October 10, 2017, Faculty of Medicine, Fukushima, Japan.


Drottz-Sjøberg, B.-M. (2017). Lessons from the Chernobyl accident. Presentation at the J-conference, October 9, 2017, Nagoya International Conference Hall, Japan.

Recent projects: Klartänkt-projektet, see


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