Bakgrunn og aktiviteter

Working PhD project title: 

Co-creation as a means for achieving social cohesion in urban communities: local practice in a Norwegian context

Aim of the project:

The project aims at increasing our understanding of how the conceptual ideas of ‘co-creation’ and ‘social cohesion’ are connected, practiced and expressed in urban communities. The project explores how ideas about the co-created city are translated into policy and participatory practice in urban communities and examine how and to what extent social cohesion manifests itself in these communities. As such, the project hopes to contribute with new knowledge about urban policy transfer in practice. Through exploring how ideas of co-creation and social cohesion relate to each other in a Norwegian context, the project further seeks to advance our understandings of the reasons for and consequences of policy making in contemporary urban development.

Teaching/supervision 2020/2021:

  • GEOG1010 - Geografiske perspektiver og feltarbeid (teaching assistant)

  • GEOG1011 - Innføring i samfunnsgeografi (teaching assistant)

  • GEOG3005 - Qualitative Methods (teaching assistant)

  • GEOG2021 - By- og regional utvikling og planlegging (teaching assistant, lecturer)

University political duties 2020/2021:

  • Board member, Department of Geography - representative for temporary academic staff

Previous work:

Olsen, A. (2019). Rethinking spaces for participation in urban planning and development : A case study of the Bus Way process in Nord-Jæren (Master thesis). Universitetet i Agder.