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Stipendiat ved Institutt for kunst og medievitenskap. Tilknyttet arbeidspakken Museums: Big Data, digital storytelling and digitized museums KULMEDIA-prosjektet Digitization and diversity - potentials and challenges for diversity in the culture and media sector.

Master i estetiske studier (2011) og bachelor i kultur- og samfunnsfag (2008) fra Universitetet i Oslo.

Faglige interesseområder

  • Fotografiske medier
  • Selfiekultur
  • Medieestetikk
  • Digitalisering

Doktorgradsprosjekt: On the Matter of Participation

The thesis concerns participation and digitization, both of which are notions that have come to be pivotal in the museum sector. From a critical perspective, the thesis argues the contemporary participation paradigm to be anthropocentric and normative, as it focuses on – and favors – the observable activity of museum visitors. Moreover, prevailing understandings of participation largely concern how digital technologies facilitate visitor activity in tool-like manners. Aiming to illuminate what might be overlooked or obfuscated by equating participation with human activity, the thesis proposes an expanded understanding of participation, which acknowledges the participatory contribution of nonhumans.

In two case studies of artworks as they appear in both analog and digitized states, attention is directed toward the diverse forms of activity generated by the artworks as such and by the technologies and environments through which they are mediated. Crucial in this thesis is a consideration of digital technologies and platforms not as inert tools, but as active participants in the encounters between museum visitors and works of art. From a perspective of aesthetics understood as sense perception (aisthesis), the thesis is especially concerned with what digitization may contribute to aesthetic encounters between museum visitors and artworks in terms of difference, divergence or variance. Therefore, the analytical point of departure is the following research question: How, and to what extent, does digitization contribute to diversify relations between human and nonhuman participants, including their modes of participating, in onsite and online aesthetic encounters?

In this thesis, the key contribution to participation discourse is the development of the conceptual framework of the “participation nexus”. The participation nexus is a relational network of theoretical concepts: agency, affordance, atmosphere and affect. Developed to aid in the analysis of participatory processes, the participation nexus contributes to articulate the multidirectional relations between museums, museum visitors and museum objects, as well as the technologies and environments which mediate and shape aesthetic encounters. Through the participation nexus, the contemporary participation paradigm is challenged, and attention is paid toward the diverse ways in which digital technologies may facilitate, but also shape and transform, the encounters they are part of.

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