TMAS3006 - Piping Design

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Vurderingsordning: Skriftlig eksamen
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Skriftlig eksamen 100/100 5 timer HJELPEMIDD

Faglig innhold

The course is divided into modules:
Module 1 : Introduction - 2 hours
Module 2 : Piping system components
Module 3 : Drawings and other documents
Module 4 : Pressure/temperature/flexibility design
Module 5 : Materials
Module 6 : Fabrication, Testing
Module 7 : Electronic survey/measurement, 3D laser scanning
Module 8 : Mechanical completion/commissioning /preservation

Piping design is, in this course, defined as the layout and engineering of metal piping systems.

Training on CAD-system and Pipe Stress Analysis software is part of this course.


Understand that codes and regulations are important for safety of process plants
Know the content of ASME B31.3 and relevant NORSOK chapters
Recognize commonly used components and attached mechanical equipment in piping systems
Understand terminology and how to utilize information found on different piping documents like drawings and data sheets
Understand piping documentation requirements
Forecast the behavior of a pipe system in operation conditions.
Select pipe system and components dimension based on ASME B31.3 calculations
Operation and maintenance considerations as set forward in NORSOK
Recognize commonly used materials and their serviceability
Understand insulation and surface treatment of piping components and systems
Understand production considerations, dimensional control of prefabricated components. Understanding installation challenges and safety issues related to that.
Understand relevant inspection, examination and testing issues
Understand the handover and finalization of a piping installationfor pipe systems and components
The candidate should have knowledge and understanding of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) for planning, design and manufacturing of piping.

The candidate should be able to use design codes, specifications and standards for pipe design, drafting and calculation. The examinee should have skills to be able to utilize representative ICT for practical purposes like modeling 3D piping and calculating stress. Furthermore the candidate should be able to select pipes, fittings and mechanical equipment from suppliers catalogues. The examinee should have skills to read piping arrangement drawings with all their symbols. The candidate should be able to use ASME B31.3 code and piping relevant Norsok chapters in piping design.

General competence:
The candidate has insight into environmental, health-related, social and economic consequences of products and solutions within the discipline, and is able to put these into an ethical and a product lifecycle perspective. The examinee knows how to impart knowledge, orally and in writing, in English, and contributes to make visible the importance of technology and its consequences. The candidate reflects on own professional performance. The examinee contributes to development and best practice by participating in professional discussions in the field, and by sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues and others. The candidate is ready to work as a junior engineer under the supervision of senior engineers.

Læringsformer og aktiviteter

Lecture sessions in a student active class room situation. Supervised excercises. Traing in computer lab, on appropriate software

Obligatoriske aktiviteter

  • Obligatorisk prosjekt

Mer om vurdering

Resit exam in March.

Mandatory assignment: Group assignment, working in groups on a piping project, utilizing appropriate software. This assignment must be passed in order to present yourself for examination.

Aids allowed during examination: Non-programmable, non-symbolic calculator. Tekniske Tabeller, Jarle Johannessen, Cappelen.

Spesielle vilkår

Vurderingsmelding krever godkjent undervisningsmelding samme semester. Obligatorisk aktivitet fra tidligere semester kan godkjennes av instituttet.

Krever opptak til studieprogram:
Byggingeniør (FTHINGBY)
Kjemiingeniør (FTHINGKJ)
Maskiningeniør (FTHINGMA)
Materialteknologi (FTHINGMAT)


Knowledge of basic engineering subjects or equivalent. In cases of doubt, this must be clarified with Sør-Trøndelag University College before startup. The course has access restrictions.


Computer lab
Handouts and information found in the relevant subject folder IT's learning


Vurderingsordning: Skriftlig eksamen

Termin Statuskode Vurderingsform Vekting Hjelpemidler Dato Tid Rom *
Høst ORD Skriftlig eksamen 100/100 HJELPEMIDD 02.12.2017 09:00 Storhall del 1 , DI42 , Datasal 10349
Vår UTS Skriftlig eksamen 100/100 HJELPEMIDD 09:00
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