Welcome to Retail Supply Chain 2020!

Welcome to Retail Supply Chain 2020!


Retail Supply Chain 2020 research challenges are linked to the emerging new demand and shopping patterns in the retail sector. The project objective is to develop new knowledge and key competence required to create the next generation supply chain strategies and solutions, and to increase competitiveness of Norwegian food retail supply chains. 

In order to achieve this objective, Retail Supply Chain 2020 will develop:

  1. Strategies for differentiated logistics and a concept for new business models and product-based services, including guidelines for development of logistics systems
  2. A generic Control Model for real-time and differentiated operations of retail supply chain supported by e-based methodology for model development and implementation
  3. A knowledge platform and guidelines for application of ICT technology, architectures and models for collaborative systems, seamless and transparent interfaces
  4. A methodology for competence building and change management program for the new generation managers and operators in logistics

The project is performed by the consortium involving leading Nowegian actors in retail, logistics and technology. It is funded by the partner companies and by the Research Counsil of Norway.

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Contact information

Contact information

Project leader

Professor Heidi C. Dreyer

Mobile: 982 91 146

Telephone: 73 55 05 13

E-mail: heidi.c.dreyer@ntnu.no