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Nanomedicines are extensively studied for in vivo therapeutic and diagnostic applications. Although several nanodrugs have been clinically approved and many are in clinical trials, the medical potential of these agents remains to be fully exploited. There are multiple reasons for this unsatisfactory utilization, but an important underlying issue is incomplete understanding of nanoparticle in vivo applications.

In my group, we attempt to define the gaps in the knowledge about nanoparticle ‘in vivo behavior’, and develop and use a range of methods to address these issues. At the heart of our effort lie various in vivo imaging modalities, like whole animal optical imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, and intravital microscopy. Especially intravital microscopy has proven extremely powerful for studying nanoparticle drug release and tumor targeting kinetics, as well as nanoparticle interactions with various cells in real-time. For ex vivo analysis, we have implemented state-of-the-art flow cytometry approaches allowing us to map interactions of administered nanoparticles with numerous cell types. Using this combination of in vivo and ex vivo methods, we are now discovering pivotal roles for various cells of the immune system in nanoparticle in vivo applications.

Using the new and exciting insights we gained over recent years, we are aiming to develop novel nanotherapeutic approaches with a focus on cancer. At the same time, we continue to increase our understanding of nanoparticles’ complex ‘in vivo behavior’.

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