Norsk Regnesentrals pris

Norsk Regnesentrals pris for beste masteroppgave innen matematikk og IKT ved Universitetet i Oslo og NTNU består av et diplom og kr. 25 000. Prisen tildeles beste masteroppgave i løpet av studieåret. Den var første gang utdelt for studieåret 2008/2009. Prisene ved UiO og NTNU tildeles uavhengig av hverandre.


Prisen for studieåret 2014-2015

Prisen tildeles Benjamin Bjørnseth for oppgaven “Enabling Research on Energy-Efficient System Software Using the SHMAC Infrastructure”.


NRs assisterende direktør André Teigland overrakte prisen ved IMEs velferdsarrangement 9. mars 2016. 

Juryens begrunnelse

Four master theses were nominated for the 2015 prize. They were all excellent, and this made the task difficult for the jury. However, one of the theses were significantly broader than the others and spanned a number of distinct research fields. In particular, the thesis covered a broad range of topics within computer science and electronics including synthesis for Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), digital design, computer architecture and operating systems. 

The thesis that will receive the 2015 award makes two main contributions. First, it presents an energy estimation framework that enables creating energy consumption models for computing systems from an implementation in a hardware description language. In addition, the thesis presents an FPGA implementation of this framework that enables online estimation of the energy consumption of an ASIC realization with no execution time overhead. Second, the thesis enables multi-core support for the SHMAC computing system research infrastructure in the experimental Barrelfish operating system. A paper describing the energy estimation framework will be presented at the renowned conference for Design Automation and Test in Europe on the 16th of March.

The jury has therefore unanimously decided to award the Norwegian Computing Center prize for the best master thesis within Computer Science and Mathematics to Benjamin Bjørnseth for the thesis “Enabling Research on Energy-Efficient System Software Using the SHMAC Infrastructure”.