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Impacts of Organic Matter Removal Efficiency on the Microbial Carrying Capacity and Stability of Land-Based Recirculating Aquaculture Systems  Nesje, Jenny 2018
Effects of Salmon Lice Treatment on Bacterial Density and Community Composition of the Atlantic Salmon Skin Mucus Microbiota  Nilsen, Charlotte 2018
The effect of membrane filtration on the microbial communities associated with rearing water, gut and skin mucus of Atlantic salmon parr (Salmo salar) in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)  Bugten, Anette Voll 2018
The effects of variable environmental conditions on growth, nutritional state and protein content in cultivated Saccharina latissima in Norway  Brodahl, Guri Ellila 2018
Effects on growth, survival and bone development from start feeding lumpsucker (Cyclopterus lumpus) larvae with Artemia, copepods and fomulated feed  Hanssen, Julie Terese 2018
Ontogeny of the digestive system in lumpfish (Cyclopterus lumpus L.) larvae in relation to growth and start feeding diet - A histological and stereological approach  Marthinsen, Joachim Larsen 2018
The Effects of Membrane Filtration in a Recirculating Aquaculture System on Water Quality and Fish Performance of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)  Helberg, Gaute Alexander Nedberg 2018
Morfologiske relasjonar til dyrka Saccharina latissima ved tre stasjonar langs Norskekysten  Foldal, Solveig 2018
Influence of food availability and nutritional state of macroalgae on development of fouling bryozoans on cultivated Saccharina latissima  Njåstad, Elin Bjørndal 2018
Growth of the Polychaete Hediste diversicolor (O. F. Müller, 1776) fed on Smolt Sludge and Biogas Residues - Evaluation of RNA/DNA Ratio as growth indicator  Berntsen, Fredrik Hofseth 2018
Analysis of Ammonium and Nitrate with Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and a Test of Ag - TiO2 Nanotube Composite Material as Antifouling Sensor Protection.  Søiland, Kristin 2018
Characterization of mitochondrial respiration in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) fed with glutamate and succinate enhanced diet  Manoharan, Naveenan 2018
Effects on the survival and development of Acartia tonsa fed different Rhodomonas species cultivated on different nitrogen concentrations  Johannesen, Unn Vagnsdóttir 2018
Physio-chemical effects of different CO2 level in recirculating aquaculturesystems (RAS) for Atlantic salmon post-smolt. - With focus on heavy metals  Bye, Gisle Roel 2017
Marint RAS-anlegg - For produksjon av laks med gjenbruk av ressursar  Eide, Erlend 2017
Molecular quantification of sea lice in and around sea cages - A study comparing the molecular quantification method qPCR against a conventional method  Ingebrigtsen, Henriette 2017
Lower trophic level mixed fishery (LOTROMIX) - Implications for ecosystem and management  Nørstebø, Jo Trelvik 2017
Comparative MFA of protein rich aquafeed ingredients: can Norwegian seaweed dethrone Brazilian soybean?  Philis, Gaspard 2017
Utilization of excess nutrients from land-based aquaculture facilities by Hediste diversicolor (O.F. Müller, 1776) - Production of polychaete biomass and its potential use in fish feed  Seekamp, Inka 2017
Astaxanthin as a biomarker for fish feed loading in the marine ecosystem  Sporsheim, Kamilla 2017
Characterization of planktonic sea lice distribution and association to fish farm installations  Øvrelid, Margrete Slåtsve  2017
Influence of Genetic Background and Environmental Factors on the Skin and Gut Microbiota of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) Fry  Øygarden, Elise Torbjørnsen  2017
The Utilization of Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) Rest Raw Material Towards the Production of Oil and Protein - Effect of Storage Conditions on Yield, Quality, and Composition  Al-Janabi, Yazan 2016
Berntsen Feeding Strategy and Effect on Fillet Quality of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Berntsen, Jakob 2016
The effect of Osmotic Pressure on Rigor Mortis in Salmonids Chan, Sherry Stephanie   2016
Investigation of individual behaviour consistency in European lobster juveniles (Homarus gammarus) through exploratory activity towards a novel object and novel food Delfino, Martina 2016
Effect of nitrogen limitation on lipid and fatty acid composition of three marine microalgae  Fosse, Hilde Karoline 2016
The effect of membrane filtration on the microbial community dynamics in RAS for post-smolt production Fossmark, Ragnhild Olsen  2016
Characterization of maturation in Atlantic salmon males by sex hormone profiling and ultra-sound. Hoque, Enamul 2016
Extraction and characterization of protein from Alaria esculenta, Palmaria palmata and Saccharina latissima Lyng, Line H 2016
Developing a laboratory cultivation protocol for local species of Porphyra spp Quale Lavik, Andreas  2016
Characterization of Nitrogen Dynamics in Different Recirculation Systems  Sefranek Rongved, Anna Katharina 2016
Seasonal and inter-male variation in spermatogenesis in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) during the last year of sexual maturation  Virtanen, Jonni Juhani 2016
Evaluation of Two Culture-Independent Methods for Quantification of the Fraction of K-and r-Strategists within Water Microbial Communities Brandsegg, Hege  2015
The effect of different live feeds and water qualities on growth, survival, ossification and skeletal anomalies of ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylt)a larvae  Høyland, Oda Skognes 2015
Morphological development of wild leptocephalus larvae of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla) - With special emphasis on muscle and digestive system  Knutsen, Helene Rønquist 2015
Temporal Development of the Gut Microbiota in European Lobster (Homarus gammarus) Juveniles Exposed to Two Different Water Treatment Systems  Kristensen, Elisabeth 2015
Hydrolysis of Marine Cod (Gadus Morhua) Head Meldstad, Fataneh 2015
Effects of different live feed on ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) larval hepatocyte and enterocyte development  Romundstad, Marte 2015
Protein Hydrolysates and Oil from Herring Rest Raw Material Saltvedt, Erle 2015
Microbial community dynamics in three RAS with different salinities for production of Atlantic Salmon postsmolt  Åm, Ann Louise 2015
Bruk av sporelementer som en indikator på potensielle endringer i kystvann, som følge av fiskeoppdrett. Børset, May 2014
Larval staging, growth, prey selection,and bone development of first feeding Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) fed with cultivated copepod (Acartia tonsa Doan, Xuan Nam  2014
Development of bryozoan fouling on cultivated kelp (Saccharina latissima) in Norway  Førde, Henny 2014
Effects of different water treatments on microbial communities when startfeeding European lobster (Homarus gammarus)  Oien, John Vegard Næss 2014
Energy and Nutrient Recovery Potential from the Norwegian Food Supply System Peverill, Margaret Samantha 2014
Particle characterization and influence on the nauplii and egg production of calanoid copepod (Acartia tonsa Dana) in water treatment systems with and without membrane filtration  Pham, Thanh Day 2014
Microbial characterization and influence on copepod (Acartia tonsa) nauplii and egg production in water treatment systems with and without membrane filtration Phan Hung, Anh 2014
Prevalence of fin erosion, shortened operculum and lesions in farmed Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)  Skipnes, Bruna Iannone 2014
Assimilation of salmon feed and salmon feces by the great scallop (Pecten maximus)  Stensås, Lene 2014
Effect of gastrointestinal microflora on the growth rate of Atlantic Cod (Gadus Morhua) larvae Trinh, Thi Truc Ly 2014
Effects of different water treatments on microbial communities when startfeeding European lobster (Homarus gammarus)  Øien, John Vegard Næss 2014
Effects of different water treatments on microbial communities when startfeeding European lobster (Homarus gammarus) Øien, John Vegard Næss 2014
In-line måling av kopepodetetthet basert på maskinsyn  Bergshaven, Bernt Johan 2013
Micronutrient Distribution in Relation to Waste Emission from AquacultureActivities: A field study in Trondheimsfjorden  Bårdsnes Horgheim, Jorunn 2013
Time kinetics of fatty acids changes in total lipids and phospholipids of A. franciscana following enrichment and starvation, with a main focus on docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)  Jin, Yang 2013
Effect of salinity shifts on microbial community composition in different nitrifying biofilms in continuous moving bed biofilm reactors.  Jonassen, Kjell Rune 2013
The Physiological Stress Response of Bighead Carp Hypophthalmichthys Nobilis, and the Efficacy of Three Chemical Anaesthetics in Bighead Carp Fingerlings  Juell, Rosemary Alice 2013
Effekter av metaller i laksesmolt: Hovedsakelig jern og kobber  Karlsen, Silje Sæther 2013
Virkningen av økte næringssaltutslipp fra akvakultur på strukturen i planteplanktonsamfunnet  Løken, Maren 2013
Adaptation of anaerobic ammonium oxidizing (anammox) bacteria to salinity in a continuous reactor.  Rønning, Are Johan 2013
Effects of melatonin and cortisol on vitellogenin and estrogen receptor mRNA expression in estradiol stimulated Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) hepatocytes  Skauen, Guri Eriksrød  2013
Macronutrient Distribution in Relation to Waste Emission from AquacultureActivities: A field study in Trondheimsfjorden  Solli, Cathrine Malvik 2013
Characterization of the Microbiota in Microalgae used in Marine Juvenile Production Sousoni, Despoina 2013
Ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) Larvae and Live-Feed Quality; Effects on Growth and Expression of Genes related to Mitochondrial Functions  Stavrakaki, Maria Georgia 2013
Feed alternatives and phosphorus efficiency of the Norwegian fisheries andaquaculture system  Vestrum, Magnus Inderberg 2013
Effects of different live feed on larval growth and development in ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta Ascanius, 1767): - A metabolomics study  Almli, Martin 2012
The effect of different live prey types on growth and muscle development, in ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta, Ascanius 1767) larvae  Berg, Martin 2012
The effect of incubation temperature on embryonic development and muscle growth in yolk-sac larvae of the European eel (Anguilla anguilla L., 1758)  Davidsen, Martin 2012
The effect of different live feed on the early growth and development of ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta Ascanius, 1767) larvae and its organs  Gagnat, Maren Ranheim 2012
The Effects of Macronutrient Enrichments (ammonium) on the Distribution of Four Bioactive Trace Metals (Cd, Mo, Ni, Cu) in Seawater and Planktonic Biomass.  Hunnestad, Annie Vera 2012
Development of biofouling on salmon cage nets and the effects of anti-fouling treatments on the survival of the hydroid (Ectopleura larynx) (Ellis & Solander, 1786)  Kassah, Jemimah Etornam 2012
Microbial management in aquaculture of Ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) larvae to explore the concept of microbial maturation of the water Minniti, Giusi  2012
Plasma melatonin profiles in mrigal carp (Cirrhinus mrigala) kept under natural and manipulated photoperiods  Næve, Ingun 2012
Plasma melatonin profiles in silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) during natural and manipulated photoperiods  Prestrud, Marit 2012
Sori disinfection in cultivation of Saccharina latissima: Evaluation of chemical treatments against diatom contamination  Rød, Kaia Kjølbo 2012
Distribution and Variation of the Trace Metal Iron in the Base of the Pelagic Marine Food Web: A Mesocosm Approach: Trace Metal in marine biology  Sanchez, Nicolas 2012
Dietary effects of different live prey on growth and functional development in ballan wrasse (Labrus bergylta) larvae and juveniles  Sørøy, Maria Oknes 2012
Effect of water treatment systems on gut microbial community in reared larvae of Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua)  Truong, Thi My Hanh 2012