I've made species biographies with extended information for some selected species. The biographies available so far are listed below. I hope to add more biographies later. If someone would like to write a species biography and submit it for publication in The Scorpion Files, please send it to me at


Please follow the style used in already published biographies. I will review submitted biographies, and I reserve the right to correct/edit submitted biographies (in cooperation with the author).

Information about scorpion families can be found by clicking on the family names in the menu to the left.

List of genera files:

Online identification key for Euscorpius (Euscorpiidae) This key is outdated! 

List of species files:

Please note that many of these species biographies have not been updated and names and taxonomic status may have changed!

Androctonus australis (Buthidae) 
Babycurus gigas (Buthidae) 
Babycurus jacksoni (Buthidae) 
Belisarius xambeui (Troglotaoysicidae) 
Bothriurus olaen (Bothriuridae) 
Centruroides anchorellus (Buthidae) 
Centruroides arctimanus (Buthidae) 
Centruroides bicolor (Buthidae) 
Centruroides excilicauda (Buthidae) 
Centruroides gracilis (Buthidae) 
Centruroides guanensis (Buthidae) 
Centruroides limbatus (Buthidae) 
Centruroides robertoi (Buthidae) 
Centruroides vittatus (Buthidae) 
Chihuahuanus coahuilae (Vaejovidae) 
Didymocentrus krausi (Diplocentridae) 
Euscorpius alpha (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius balearicuss (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius beroni (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius carpathicus (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius flavicaudis (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius gamma (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius germanus (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius italicus (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius mingrelicus (Euscorpiidae) 
Euscorpius tergestinus (Euscorpiidae) 
Grosphus grandidieri (Buthidae) 
Grosphus madagascariensis (Buthidae) 
Hadogenes troglodytes (Ischnuridae) 
Hadrurus arizonensis (Iuridae) 
Hemiscorpius lepturus (Hemiscorpiidae) 
Heteroctenus garridoi (Buthidae) 
Heteroctenus junceus (Buthidae) 
Heteroctenus princeps (Buthidae) NB! Old name is used in this biography. 
Iomachus politus (Ischnuridae) 
Iurus dufoureius (Iuridae) 
Leiurus quinquestriatus (Buthidae) 
Liocheles australasiae (Hormuridae) 
Liocheles waigiensis (Hormuridae) 
Lychas marmoreus (Buthidae) 
Mesobuthus cyprius (Buthidae) 
Microtityus jaumei (Buthidae) 
Odonturus dentatus (Buthidae) 
Opistophthalmus glabrifrons (Scorpionidae) 
Pandinus imperator (Scorpionidae) 
Parabuthus granulatus (Buthidae) 
Parabuthus leiosoma (Buthidae) 
Parabuthus pallidus (Buthidae) 
Parabuthus transvaalicus (Buthidae) 
Paravaejovis spinigerus (Vaejovidae) 
Rhopalurus laticauda (Buthidae) 
Scorpio maurus (Scorpionidae) 
Timogenes elegans (Bothriuridae) 
Tityus asthenes (Buthidae) 
Tityus obscurus (Buthidae) 
Vaejovis intermedius (Vaejovidae) 
Zabius fuscus (Buthidae) 

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