Microtityus jaumei
Armas, 1974


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Common names:
No common name. This is the type-species of the subgenus Parvabsonus Armas, 1974.

Caribbean (Endemic from the southeastern coast of Cuba (Santiago de Cuba)).

Strictly a cryptozoic scorpion; it lives only under stones in dry to arid coastal vegetation. In captivity, it needs light & soft soil with plenty of small limestone rocks to hide under. Despite its dry habitat, in captivity humidity should be kept high: moist the substratum every other day to avoid death from dessication.

No available data. From Dr. Rolando Teruel's personal experience: Due to this species' tiny size, this scorpion cannot puncture the skin.

Selected litterature:
ARMAS, L. F. DE. 1974. Escorpiones del archipiélago cubano. II. Hallazgo del género Microtityus (Scorpionida: Buthidae) con las descripciones de un nuevo subgénero y tres nuevas especies. Poeyana, 162: 1-9.

On the Internet:

Adult size: males 9-12mm, females 13-16mm. Color: entire body pale yellow with minute brown spots all over to body; metasomal segment V & telson light orange. Females gave birth 3-7 larvae once a year. Juveniles and adult feed readily upon termites (their preferred prey) and any soft bodied, 1-3mm long arthropod.

This species is probably not kept in captivity outside Cuba.

The information on this page is supplied by Dr. Rolando Teruel.
Microtityus jaumei
photo by Dr. Rolando Teruel (C)

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