Mesobuthus cyprius
(Gantenbein et al., 2000)


Common names:
No common name. This species is formerly known as M. gibbosus anatolicus , but DNA analysis showed that this an unique species, probably endemic for Cyprus.

Cyprus (Trodos area, western and southwestern Cyprus in the following locations: Polis Chrysochou, Lemona Village (Paphos area), Akrotiri, Dhekelia and Kato Pyrgos) and also one finding in a park in Nicosia. M. cyprius seems to be quite common in parts of Cyrpus) Also some locations in occupied northern Cyprus.

Arid/semi-arid habitats with little or no vegetation. Moderate to limited humidity. Don't dig burrows, but use natural space/burrows under stones and other objects. In Northwestern areas it seems that this species might enter gardens and accidently houses.

No medical data available in literature, but probably moderate venomous. Case reports I have gotten for 6-7 patients seems to indicate local effects only, but there is much pain involved in some of the cases.

Selected litterature:
Gantenbein, B., Kropf, C., Largiadèr, C. R. & Scholl, A. (2000). Molecular and morphological evidence for the presence of a new buthid taxon (Scorpiones: Buthidae) on the island of Cyprus. Revue suisse de Zoologie, 107(1), 213-232.

On the Internet:
Mesobuthus in Cyprus.

One locality of this species on Cyprus is on the island's highest mountain (appr. 1900 m above sea). This area have snow in several months of the winter. I have also gotten several findings from northwestern Cyprus.

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