Centruroides arctimanus
Armas, 1976



Common names:
No common name. The specific epithet means "thin-handed".


Mainly terrestrial, found under stones and fallen logs in dry coastal & inland areas; rarely under barks. It lives in dry vegetation ranging from desertic plains to coastal dry forests.

No available data. From Dr. Rolando Teruel's personal experience: mild venom, sharp painful sting with aftereffects lasting for 1-5 hrs.

Selected litterature:
Armas, L. F. (1976). Escorpiones del ArchipiÚlago Cubano. 5. Nuevas especies de Centruroides (Scorpionida: Buthidae). Poeyana, 146, pp. 1-12.

On the Internet:
Informaciˇn general la fauna de Cuba.

General: Adult size: males 30-55mm, females 30-40mm. Color: entire body yellow with variable dusky pattern: usually there are two longitudinal dark bands over the mesosoma and the pedipalps, prosoma, chelicerae, legs and venter of the metasoma are spotted; the dusky pattern may be very dark in some desert populations. Females mate a single first time, and then gave birth 3-4 times a year during 1-2 years. Lifespan in captivity: 2-3 years from birth to natural death.

This species is probably not kept in captivity by hobbyists. In captivity, it does fine in more or less dry terrarium (water spray once a week) with plenty of rocky refuges.

The information on this page is supplied by Dr. Rolando Teruel.
Centruroides arctimanus
photo by Dr. Rolando Teruel (C)

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