Centruroides bicolor
(Pocock, 1898)



Common names:

Costa Rica and Panama.

The population of this species seems to be located in the pacific coast towards the south of the Costa Rica, crossing the border Panama in this same direction. The scorpion is a forrest species, usually found among vegetation. Also observed on fallen trees, and hidden inside cracks and crevices in tree trunks etc. The scorpion is commonly reported from human buildings. The scorpion is distributed from sea level to 1.670 meters.

No available data, but the species is not mentioned in medical literature. Sting is probably very painful.

Selected litterature:
Scorpions of Costa Rica by Carlos Viquez.

On the Internet:
INBIO on Centruroides bicolor (In Spanish).

A very beatiful scorpion with very showy coloration. Most of the body is yellowish, except for the pincers, the final segments of the tail, the cephalothorax and part of the abodomen, which all are blackish. This is a large species that can reach 120 mm in lenght.

This species is probably not kept in captivity by hobbyists.

The information on this page is based on the website (link above) and the book Scorpions of Costa Rica with permission from the author Dr. Carlos Viquez.
Centruroides bicolor
photo by Dr. Carlos Viquez (C)

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