Euscorpius gamma
Caporiacco, 1950



Common names:
No common name. All Euscorpius were previously placed in the family Chactidae.
This species was recently described by the use of genetical analysis, and it belongs to the "E. mingrelicus species complex".

This species is reported from Austria, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

This species is found in mountainous areas with high humidity. It can be found under stones, under bark, under logs etc.

No medical data available, but data from other Euscorpius species suggest local effects only. Mildly venomous. Harmless scorpion, which rarely will use its stinger.

Selected litterature:
Scherabon, B., B. Gantenbein, V. Fet, M. Barker, M. Kunter, C. Kropf & D. Huber (2000). A new species of scorpion from Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia: Euscorpius gamma Caporiacco, 1950, stat. nov. (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae). Ekologia (Bratislava), vol. 19 (suppl. 3), 253-262.
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On the Internet:
Endangered scorpions in Austria (fulltext document in pdf-format (Acrobat Reader required)).

Small species up to 32 mm with dark colors. It is very difficult to separate this species from E. germanus and E. mingrelicus. See the Euscorpius identification key for more details.

This species is probably not kept in captivity.

E. gamma photo by Dietmar Huber (C)

Jan Ove Rein (C) 2023