Pocock, 1893

This family consists of 15 genera and 207 species [Updated 04.01.19]. Most species have been described in recent times. There has been a lot of discussion about some of the genera and species in this family, and several genera have been transferred to other families.

In a recent revision by Soleglad & Fet, 36 species previously listed in Broteochactas were transfered to a new genus, Neochactas. The genera Cayooca, Guyanochactas and Taurepania have been synonymized with Broteochactas. Three species from Broteochactas have been transfered to Hadrurochactas. The same paper transfered the European genus Belisarius to Chactidae (this genus was previously listed in the discontinued family Troglotayosicidae), but I've now reinstated Troglotayosicidae and moved the genus back again (see Troglotayosicidae for more info). In addition, the genus Uroctonus has been transfered from the family Vaejovidae.

The members of this family are known from North America, Central- and South America.

Soleglad & Sissom, 2001 transfered the genus Chactopsis to the family Euscorpiidae, but based on the decisions in Lourenco, 2003 and Lourenco et al., 2011, I have moved the genus back to Chactidae until a new family revision is published.

There and back again: Soleglad & Fet (2005) have restored the synonymization of Auyantepuia with Broteochactas after Lourenço & Araujo (2004) reinstated the genus Auyantepuia (which before this was synonymized with Broteochactas (and later some species with Neochactas)). Of the 8 species of Auyantepuia, one is transfered to Broteochactas and the others are transfered back to Neochactas (se the species list below for details).

Lourenço & Qi, 2007 have published a new species in Auyantepuia, and stating that they do not accept the work of Soleglad & Fet (2005) (Citing Prendini & Wheeler, 2005). Auyantepuia is reinstated in the species list to accomodate the new species until a new revision of the family is published.

Jose Ochoa and co-workers published a revision of the genus Chactopsis in June 2013 and creating two new genera (Chactopsoides and Megachactops).

Scorpions in this family are rarely kept in captivity.

Chactid scorpions are not medically important.

Brotheas granulatus  photo by Dr. Wilson Lourenço (C) and The Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins/CEVAP (C)

This list of genera and species is based on Fet et al.(2000). Subspecies is not included in the list. I try to update the list as additions and changes are published. * denotes changes after Fet et al. (2000). I will be grateful for information about new development in the taxonomy of this family. For information about synonyms and bibliographies, see Fet et al. (2000)
See also Soleglad & Fet (2003) for more information. Fulltext freely available HERE (issue 11).

Anuroctonus Pocock, 1893 (2)
A. pococki Soleglad & Fet, 2004*
A. phaiodactylus (Wood, 1863)
[Auyantepuia (Gonzalez-Sponga, 1978)*] (6)
A. aluku Ythier, 2018*
A. amapaensis Lourenço & Qi, 2007*
A. aurum Ythier, 2018*
A. laurae Ythier, 2015*
A. royi Ythier, 2018*
A. surinamensis Lourenço & Qi, 2010*
As described in the introduction, the genus Auyantepuia has been synonymized with other genera. Lourenço & Qi (2007) have chosen not to accept this synonymization, and described the new species in Auyantepuia. The taxonomy of The Scorpion Files follows Soleglad & Fet (2005), but it is impossible for me to know where to put the new species. I have chosen to reinstate Auyantepuia in The Scorpion Files for this species until a new revision on the family Chactidae is published. Auyantepuia is not counted in the number of genera for the family, but the species are included.
Broteochactas Pocock, 1893 (17)
B. cauaburi Lourenço, Araujo & Franklin, 2010*
B. cocuyensis Gonzalez-Sponga, 2004*
B. danielleae Lourenço, 2007*
B. gollmeri (Karsch, 1879)
B. manisapanensis (González-Sponga, 1992)
B. mauriciodiasi Lourenço, 2017*
B. niemeyerae Lourenço, Ponce de Leao Giupponi & Pedroso, 2011*
B. nitidus Pocock, 1893
B. parimensis González-Sponga, 2004*
B. porosus (Pocock, 1900)
B. purus Lourenço, 2017*
B. scorzai Dagert, 1957
B. silves Lourenço, 2014*
B. trezzii(Vignoli & Kovarik, 2003)*
B. venezuelensis (González-Sponga, 1996)
B. verneti (González-Sponga, 1992)
B. vestigialis González-Sponga, 1978
Brotheas C.L. Koch, 1837 (30)
B. amazonicus Lourenço, 1988
B. bolivianus (Lourenço, 2008)*
B. camposi González-Sponga, 1972
B. caramaschii Lourenço, Ponce de Leao Giupponi & Pedroso, 2011*
B. cataniapensis González-Sponga, 1997
B. cristinae Lourenço, 2007*
B. cunucunumensis González-Sponga, 1984
B. dasilvai González-Sponga, 1978
B. gervaisii Pocock, 1893
B. granimanus Pocock, 1898
B. granulatus Simon, 1877
B. henriquesi Lourenço & Machado, 2004*
B. humboldti González-Sponga,1980
B. jourdani Lourenço, 1997
B. libinallyi González-Sponga, 1978
B. lichyi González-Sponga, 1980
B. mawarinumensis González-Sponga, 1991
B. mingueti González-Sponga, 1973
B. munozi González-Sponga, 1997
B. noguerai González-Sponga, 1993*
B. ocamoi González-Sponga, 2004*
B. overali Lourenço, 1988
B. paraensis Simon, 1880
B. perezramirezi González-Sponga, 1996
B. rionegroensis González-Sponga, 1996
B. sanabriai González-Sponga, 1997
B. silvestris Lourenço, 1988
B. tapajos Lourenço, 2012*
B. wareipai González-Sponga, 2004*
B. wilmeri González-Sponga, 1980
Chactas Gervais, 1844 (51)
C. adornellae Rossi, 2014*
C. aequinoctialis (Karsch, 1879)
C. alarconi González-Sponga, 2003*
C. barbacoensis González-Sponga, 1987
C. barravierai Lourenço, 1997
C. braziliensis Lourenço, Aguiar & Franklin, 2005*
C. brevicaudatus (Karsch, 1879)
C. brownelli Lourenço, 1997
C. campoelisasensis González-Sponga, 2006*
C. chabasquensis González-Sponga & Wall-González, 2007*
C. choroniensis González-Sponga, 1978
C. chrysopus Pocock, 1893
C. exsul (Werner, 1939)
C. ferruginosus González-Sponga, 1984
C. gansi González-Sponga, 1974
C. gestroi Kraepelin, 1912
C. granulosus González-Sponga, 2007*
C. guinandcortesi González-Sponga, 2003*
C. hatilloensis González-Sponga, 2007*
C. hauseri Lourenço, 1997
C. interpuncta González-Sponga, 1987
C. iutensis González-Sponga, 2008*
C. karschii Pocock, 1893
C. keyserlingii Pocock, 1893
C. koepckei Lourenço & Dastych, 2001*
C. laevipes (Karsch, 1879)
C. latuffi González-Sponga, 1976
C. lepturus Thorell, 1867
C. major Kraepelin, 1914*
C. mahnerti Lourenço, 1995
C. maimirensis González-Sponga & Wall-González, 2007*
C. marinae González-Sponga, 1987
C. mauriesi Lourenço & Florez, 1990
C. moreti Lourenço, 2014*
C. ozendai Lourenço, 1999*
C. oxfordi González-Sponga, 1978
C. platillonensis González-Sponga & Wall-González, 2007*
C. raymondhansi Francke & Boos, 1986
C. reticulatus Kraepelin, 1912
C. rogelioi González-Sponga, 1972
C. rubrolineatus Simon, 1880
C. scabrimanus Kraepelin, 1912
C. setosus Kraepelin, 1912
C. simonii Pocock, 1893
C. tumaquensis González-Sponga & Wall-González, 2007*
C. vanbenedenii (Gervais, 1843)
C. venegasi González-Sponga, 2008*
C. viloriai Rojas-Runjaic, 2004*
C. turguaensis González-Sponga, 2007*
C. yaupi Lourenço, 2014*
C. yupai González-Sponga, 1994
Chactopsis Kraepelin, 1912* (8)
C. amazonica Lourenço & Francke, 1986
C. barajuri González-Sponga, 1982
C. buhrnheimi Lourenço, 2003*
C. chullachaqui Ochoa, Rojas-Runjac, Pinto-Da-Rocha & Prendini, 2013*
C. curupira Ochoa, Rojas-Runjac, Pinto-Da-Rocha & Prendini, 2013*
C. insignis Kraepelin, 1912
C. siapaensis González-Sponga, 1991
C. sujirima González-Sponga, 1982
Chactopsoides Ochoa, Rojas-Runjac, Pinto-Da-Rocha & Prendini, 2013* (4)
C. anduzei (González-Sponga, 1982)*
C. gonzalezspongai Ochoa, Rojas-Runjac, Pinto-Da-Rocha & Prendini, 2013*
C. marahuacaensis (González-Sponga, 2004)*
C. yanomami (Lourenço, Ponce de Leao Giupponi & Pedroso, 2011)*
Guyanochactas Lourenco, 1998* (4)
G. flavus Lourenço & Ythier, 2011*
G. gonzalezspongai (Lourenço, 1983)
G. goujei Vellard, 1932
G. mascarenhasi (Lourenço, 1983)
As described in the introduction, the genus Guyanochactas has been synonymized with Broteochactas. Lourenço & Ythier (2011) have chosen not to accept this synonymization, and described the new species in Guyanochactas. The taxonomy of The Scorpion Files follows Soleglad & Fet (2005), but it is impossible for me to know where to put the new species. I have chosen to reinstate Guyanochactas in The Scorpion Files based on Lourenço & Ythier (2011) until a new revision on the family Chactidae is published.
Hadrurochactas Pocock, 1893 (8)
H. araripe (Lourenço, 2010*)
H. brejo (Lourenço, 1988)
H. cristinae Ythier, 2018*
H. machadoi González-Sponga, 1993*
H. mapuera (Lourenço, 1988)
H. odoardoi González-Sponga, 1985
H. polisi (Monod & Lourenço, 2001)*
H. schaumii (Karsch, 1880)
Megachactops Ochoa, Rojas-Runjac, Pinto-Da-Rocha & Prendini, 2013* (2)
M. coriacea (González-Sponga, 1991)*
M. kuemoi Ochoa, Rojas-Runjac, Pinto-Da-Rocha & Prendini, 2013
Neochactas Soleglad & Fet 2003* (38)
N. bariensis (González-Sponga, 1991)
N. bilbaoi (González-Sponga, 1978)
N. bruzuali (González-Sponga, 1980)
N. caroniensis (González-Sponga, 1996)
N. colombiensis (González-Sponga, 1976)
N. delicatus (Karsch, 1879)
N. efreni (González-Sponga, 1978)
N. eliasilvai (González-Sponga, 1980)
N. fei (Pinto-da-Rocha, Gasnier, Brescovit & Apolinario, 2002)*
N. fravalae (Lourenço, 1983)*
N. gaillardi (Lourenço,1983)
N. garciai (González-Sponga, 1978)
N. granosus (Pocock, 1900)
N. guaiquinimensis (González-Sponga, 1997)
N. jaspei (Gonzalez-Sponga, 1993)
N. josemanueli (González-Sponga, 1992)
N. kelleri (Lourenço, 1997)
N. kjellesvigi (González-Sponga, 1974)
N. laui (Kjellesvig-Waering, 1966)
N. leoneli (González-Sponga, 1978)
N. macrochelae (González-Sponga, 2004)*
N. mottai (Lourenço & Araujo, 2004)*
N. neblinensis (González-Sponga, 1991)
N. orinocensis (Scorza, 1954)
N. panarei (González-Sponga, 1980)
N. paoensis (González-Sponga, 1996)
N. parvulus (Pocock, 1897)
N. racenisi (González-Sponga, 1975)
N. riopinensis (González-Sponga, 1992)
N. ruizpittoli (González-Sponga, 1993)
N. sanmartini (González-Sponga, 1974)
N. santanai (González-Sponga, 1978)
N. sarisarinamensis (González-Sponga, 1985)
N. simarawochensis (González-Sponga, 1980)
N. sissomi (Lourenço, 1983)
N. skuki (Lourenço & Pinto-da-Rocha, 2000)*
N. verai (González-Sponga, 1993)
N. yekuanae (González-Sponga, 1984)
Nullibrotheas Williams, 1974 (1)
N. allenii (Wood, 1863)
Spinochactas Lourenço, 2016* (1)
S. mitaraka Lourenço, 2016*
Teuthraustes Simon, 1878 (27)
T. adrianae González-Sponga, 1975
T. akananensis González-Sponga, 1984
T. amazonicus (Simon, 1880)
T. atramentarius Simon, 1878
T. braziliensis Lourenço & Duhem, 2010*
T. camposi (Mello-Leităo, 1939)*
T. carmelinae Scorza, 1954
T. castiglii Rossi, 2015*
T. dubius (Borelli, 1899)
T. festae (Borelli, 1899)
T. gervaisii (Pocock, 1893)
T. giupponii Ythier & Lourenço, 2017*
T. glaber Kraepelin, 1912
T. guerdouxi Lourenço, 1995
T. khodayarii Ythier & Lourenço, 2017*
T. kuryi Ythier & Lourenço, 2017*
T. lisei Lourenço, 1994
T. lojanus (Pocock, 1900)
T. maturaca González-Sponga, 1991
T. newaribe Lourenço, Ponce de Leao Giupponi & Pedroso, 2011*
T. oculatus Pocock, 1900
T. ohausi Kraepelin, 1912
T. reticulatus González-Sponga, 1991
T. rosenbergi (Pocock, 1898)
T. simonsi (Pocock, 1900)
T. whymperi (Pocock, 1893)
T. wittii (Kraepelin, 1896)
Uroctonus Thorell, 1876 (3)
U. franckei Williams, 1986
U. grahami Gertsch & Soleglad, 1972
U. mordax Thorell, 1876
Vachoniochactas Gonzalez-Sponga, 1978 (5)
V. amazonicus González-Sponga, 1991
V. ashleeae Lourenço, 1994
V. humboldti Florez, Botero-Trujillo & Acosta, 2008*
V. lasallei (González-Sponga, 1978)
V. roraima Lourenço & Duhem, 2009

Jan Ove Rein (C) 2019