Gromov, 1998

A brand new family, recently described from Central Asia (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). Originally, a monotypic family with only one genus and one species thus far discovered. This species is found in semi-savanna habitats. Although unclear, it is possible that this family is related to Buthidae and/or Chaerilidae. This family consists of 5 genera and 7 species [Updated 24.05.22].

September 2007: A new genus and species (Troglokhammouanus steineri) has been described from the Tham Xe Bangfai cave in Laos by Lourenco (2007).

December 2010: A new troglobitic genus and species (Vietbocap canhi) has been described from the Tien Son cave (Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park) in Vietnam by Lourenco & Pam (2010).

Januar 2012: A new troglobitic species (Vietbocap thienduongensis) has been described from the Thien Duong Cave (Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park) in Vietnam by Lourenco & Pam (2012).

Mars 2012: A new troglobitic species (Vietbocap lao) has been described from the Tham Nam Lot Cave in Laos by Lourenco (2012). The new subfamily Vietbocapinae Lourenco, 2012 is proposed to accommodate the genus Vietbocap

July 2012: A new species of Pseudochactas (Pseudochactas mischi) has been described from south-central Afghanistan by Soleglad, Kovarik & Fet (2012).

April 2018: Two new species of Vietbocap have been described from a cave system in Vietnam by Lourenco, Pham, Tran & Tran (2018).

October 2021: Review of the family with several synonymizations, a new subfamilies and a new genus by Prendini, Ehrenthal & Loria (2021).

May 2022: A new genus and species is reported from China by Tang (2022).

This scorpion has not been reported in captivity.

No data have been found about the venom of these scorpions.

Photo of Pseudochactas ovchinnikovi by A. Gromov through Dietmar Huber (C).

This list of genera and species is based on Fet et al.(2000). Subspecies is not included in the list. I try to update the list as additions and changes are published. * denotes changes after Fet et al. (2000). I will be grateful for information about new development in the taxonomy of this family. For information about synonyms and bibliographies, see Fet et al. (2000)

Aemngvantom Prendini, Ehrenthal & Loria, 2021* (2)
A. lao (Lourenço, 2012)*
A. thamnongpaseuam Prendini, Ehrenthal & Loria, 2021*
Qianxie Tang, 2022* (1)
Q. solegladi Tang, 2022*
Pseudochactas Gromov, 1998 (2)
P. mischi Soleglad, Kovarik & Fet, 2012*
P. ovchinnikovi Gromov, 1998
Troglokhammouanus Lourenço, 2007* (1)
T. steineri Lourenço, 2007*
Vietbocap Lourenço & Pham, 2010* (1)
V. canhi Lourenço & Pham, 2010*

Jan Ove Rein (C) 2023