Euscorpius balearicus
Caporiacco, 1950



Common names:
No common name. All Euscorpius were previously placed in the family Chactidae.

This species was formerly known as a subspecies of E. carpathicus, E. carpathicus balearicus.Very recent (2001) DNA and alloenzym analysis together with morphological investigations of the Balearic populations of E. carpathicus revealed a significant difference from other populations of E. carpathicus The genetical difference between the Balearic populations and the others were large enough to justify an elevation of the subspecies E. carpathicus balearicus to species status: E. balearicus (Gantenbein, Soleglad & Fet, in print).

Endemic to the Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Cabrera, Ibiza & Formentera)

Few data on habitat available, but some specimens have been found in forrests in Mallorca. I expect this species resemble the other species in the E. carpathicus species complex in habitat choice, and is also found in and around buildings.

Few medical data available, but data from Italy suggest local effects only. Mildly venomous. Harmless scorpion, which rarely will use its stinger.

Selected litterature:
Gantenbein, B., M. E. Soleglad & V. Fet. (in print). Euscorpius balearicus Caporiacco, stat. nov. (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae): molecular (allozymes and mtDNA) and morphological evidence for an endemic Balearic Island species. Org. Divers. Evol.

On the Internet:
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Online identification key for Euscorpius

This species is small to medium sized (30 - 37 mm). Coloration is light brownish (actually some orange overtones in some specimens) with little contrasting patterns. Metasoma reduced proportionally, and unusual large pedipalps (compared to other populations of E. carpathicus). See the Euscorpius identification key for more details.

This species is probably rare in captivity.

E. balearicus photo by Jan Ove Rein (C).

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