Thorell, 1876

After Soleglad & Fet's major revision of higher scorpion systematics, this family consists of 7 genera and 14 species [Updated 12.09.22]. These are limited to Asia (Turkey, Iraq & ?Syria) and Europe (Greece).

The genus Anuroctonus has been transfered to the family Chactidae.
The genera Caraboctonus, Hadruroides and Hadrurus have been transfered to the new family Caraboctonidae.

In a review of the genus Calchas in 2009, Fet. Soleglad & Kovarik concluded that three distinct disjunct species existed rather than one widespread species (C. nordmanni) as previously thought. The authors also report of a finding of Calchas in northern Iraq and an unconfirmed finding in Syria.

In April 2010, Kovarik, Fet, Soleglad & Yagmur [Issue 95] have published an extensive revision of the genus Iurus which increased the number of species in the genus to five.

In August 2012, Kovarik, Fet, Soleglad & Yagmur [Issue 143] published another extensive revision of the genus Iurus. In this review the genus was split in two (Iurus and Protoiurus, and three new species was described.

A new study by Yagmur et al, 2013 in April 2013 splits the genus Calchas into a new genus (Neocalchas) and describes two new species from southeastern Turkey. This study also has an updated identifcation key for the two genera.

September 2022: Major phylogentic study of the family published by Aristeids et al. Three new genera created.

The species in this family are rare in nature and very rarely kept in captivity.

Few data on the potency of the venom in these species, but they are probably not dangerous. They will sting if disturbed or provoked.

A few Iurus dufoureius dufoureius habitat pictures from Crete.

A few Iurus dufoureius asiaticus habitat pictures from Turkey.

Calchas nordmanni (right) photo by Valerio Vignoli (C)

This list of genera and species is based on Fet et al.(2000). Subspecies is not included in the list. I try to update the list as additions and changes are published. * denotes changes after Fet et al. (2000). I will be grateful for information about new development in the taxonomy of this family. For information about synonyms and bibliographies, see Fet et al. (2000)
See also Soleglad & Fet (2003) for more information. Fulltext freely available HERE (issue 11).

Anatoliurus Parmakelis, Dimitriadou, Gkigkiza, Karampatsou, Stathi, Fet, Yagmur & Kovarik, 2022 (2)
A. kraepelini (von Ubisch, 1922)*
A. kumlutasi (Yagmur, Soleglad, Fet & Kovarik 2015)*
Calchas Birula, 1899 (4)
C. anlasi Yagmur, Soleglad, Fet & Kovarik, 2013*
C. birulai Fet, Soleglad & Kovarik, 2009*
C. kosswigi Yagmur, Soleglad, Fet & Kovarik, 2013*
C. nordmanni Birula, 1899
Iurus Thorell, 1876 (3)
I. dekanum (Roewer, 1943)*
I. dufoureius (Brulle, 1832)
I. kinzelbachi Kovarik, Fet, Soleglad & Yagmur, 2010*
Letoiurus Parmakelis, Dimitriadou, Gkigkiza, Karampatsou, Stathi, Fet, Yagmur & Kovarik, 2022 (1)
L. rhodiensis (Soleglad, Fet, Kovarik & Yagmur, 2012)*
Metaiurus Parmakelis, Dimitriadou, Gkigkiza, Karampatsou, Stathi, Fet, Yagmur & Kovarik, 2022 (2)
M. kadleci (Kovarik, Fet, Soleglad & Yagmur, 2010)*
M. stathiae (Soleglad, Fet, Kovarik & Yagmur, 2012)*
Neocalchas Yagmur, Soleglad, Fet & Kovarik, 2013* (1)
N. gruberi (Fet, Soleglad & Kovarik, 2009)*
Protoiurus Soleglad, Fet, Kovarik & Yagmur, 2012* (1)
P. asiaticus (Birula, 1903)*

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