Euscorpius carpathicus
(Linnaeus, 1767)


Common names:
No common name. All Euscorpius were previously placed in the family Chactidae.

Euscorpius carpathicus previously had 23 valid subspecies, but a major revision of this species complex has resulted in the elevation of several subspecies to species status. One of the results of these investigations is that E. carpathicus is restricted to Romania only. See Euscorpius identification key for more information how to separate this species from the other species previosuly assigned to the "E. carpathicus species complex".

Romania (area north of Danube).

No data on habitat in Romania available, but I suspect this scorpion can be found in and around buildings.

Few medical data available, but data from other Euscorpius suggest local effects only. Mildly venomous. Harmless scorpion, which rarely will use its stinger.

Selected litterature:
Fet, V. & M. E. Soleglad (2002). Morphology analsysis supports the presence of more than one species in the "Euscorpius carpathicus" complex (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae). Euscorpius No 3, pp. 1-51.
Available in fulltext HERE.

On the Internet:
Online identification key for Euscorpius
European scorpions (Dr. Benjamin Gantenbein).

Medium sized Euscorpius with an overall coloration in dark brown. No distinct patterns present. Total lenght 30-40 mm. Tail segments and pedipalps somewhat stocky in appearence. See Euscorpius identification key for more information how to identify this species.

This species is probably not kept in captivity.

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