Pocock, 1893 *


This family has previously been known as Ischnuridae Simon, 1879, but in ICZN. 2003, Opinion 2037 (cases 3120 and 3120a), the name has been changed to Liochelidae Fet & Bechly, 2001. The reason for this change is that the old name was in conflict with a Dragonfly (Odonata) subfamily name (Ischnurinae). More info in Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, 60(2): 159-161 (June 2003). In 2005, Soleglad, Fet & Kovarik changed the name to Hemiscorpiidae, and included the genus Heteroscorpion (from the abolished family Urodacidae) in addition to all genera and species previously included in Liochelidae. Monod and Prendini revised many of the taxa of Hemiscorpiidae and based on their analysis revalidated the family Hormuridae Laurie, 1896 and moved most genera from Hemiscorpiidae into the revalidated genus. See Hormuridae for more details.

In a major revision of higher scorpion systematics, Soleglad & Fet (2003) included the genera Habibella and Hemiscorpius (from the now abolished family Hemiscorpiidae) into Liochelidae (now Hemiscorpiidae).

The genus Habibella was synonymized with Hemiscorpius by Monod & Lourenço in late 2005.

This family consists of one genera and 17 species [Updated 02.08.22], and inhabits the Middle East and eastern parts of Asia.

The scorpions in this family is rarly kept in captivity.

NB! Hemiscorpius lepturus is a very dangerous species of serious medical significance (see species link for more information). No data have been available for other members of this genus, but they should be handled with extreme care as long as their venom status is unknown.

This list of genera and species is based on Fet et al.(2000). Subspecies is not included in the list. I try to update the list as additions and changes are published. * denotes changes after Fet et al. (2000). I will be grateful for information about new development in the taxonomy of this family. For information about synonyms and bibliographies, see Fet et al. (2000).
See also Soleglad & Fet (2003) for more information. Fulltext freely available HERE (issue 11).

Hemiscorpius Peters, 1861 (17)
H. acanthocercus Monod & Lourenço, 2005*
H. arabicus Pocock, 1899
H. egyptiensis Lourenço, 2011*
H. enischnochela Monod & Lourenço, 2005*
H. falcifer Lowe, 2010*
H. flagelliraptor Loewe, 2010*
H. gaillardi (Vachon, 1974)*
H. kashkayi Karatas & Gharkheloo, 2013*
H. lepturus Peters, 1861
H. lipsae Kovarik & Lowe, 2022*
H. maindroni Kraepelin, 1900
H. novaki Kovarik & Mazuch, 2011*
H. persicus Birula, 1903
H. shahii Kovarik, Navidpour & Soleglad, 2017*
H. socotranus Pocock, 1899
H. somalicus Lourenço, 2011*
H. tellinii Borelli, 1904

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