Vaejovis intermedius,
Borelli, 1915



Common names:

North America (Mexico and USA (Texas)).

They are rock dwellers and do not burrow. They are most often found among talus slopes, cliffs, rocky roadcuts.

No data available. The venom is thick and milky. When picking up this species with forceps, it has been known to squirt an ample amount of venom (not as a defensive measure of "squirting", like Parabuthus, just a reflex). Be cautious as the effects of the venom have not been studied, and the amounts seen during "squirts" are enough to cause severe pain even in the least potent of venoms.

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Very fast, quick, and mean tempered species, that will sting readilly. It is the only member of the nitidulus group in the US (thus far known) and reaches about 55 mm, rarely in excess of 60 mm. Not easy to find, but when you find one, you should find a few others not far away.

The information on this page was supplied by Kari McWest, who also ID'ed the scorpion..

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