Odonturus dentatus
Karsch, 1879



Common names:
No common name known.

Africa (Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania).

No data have been found, but it is assumed that this species occupies semi-arid areas like savannahs, scrublands etc. It has a somewhat costal distribution in Eastern Africa, and occupy areas with some humidity (observations in captivity also indicate that this species need moderate humidity). It can be found under objects on the ground (like stones, logs etc.). (More data wanted!)

No data have been found, but as a medium large buthid, this species should be handled with care. (More data wanted!)

Selected litterature:
Lourenco, W. R. 1998. Phylogenetic position and geographical distribution of the genus Odontorus Karsch 1879 (Scorpiones, Buthidae). Biogeographica, 74(1), pp. 41-46.

On the Internet:
Another picture in the gallery (Picture by Jeff Dawson (C))

This spcies is related to Babycurus, and might resemble some of the species in this genus. The genera can be separated in that they differ conspicuously in leg spination (tibial spur present in both legs III-IV in Odonturus, only in leg IV in Babycurus). Also the subaculear tubercle is very large and spinoid in Odonturus, but small to obsolete in Babycurus.

This species is common in pet collections.

Odontorus dentatus photo by Jay Stotzky (C).
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