Stipendiater og postdoktorer / PhDs and Postdocs

Stipendiater og postdoktorer / PhDs and Postdocs



Ph.d.-er og postdocer tilknyttet NTRANS.

PhDs and Postdocs at NTRANS.

Davood Qorbani. Foto

Davood Qourbani, PhD (NTNU-IØT)

Tentative title: "Pathways to sustainable mobility systems: Balancing social, technical, and environmental aspects while transforming"

Supervisor: Ruud Egging (NTNU-IØT)



Maik Budzinski. Foto

Maik Budzinski, Postdoc (NTNU-EPT)

Title: “Assessing the role of Norway for limiting global warming to 1.5°C or 2°C”

Anders Hammer Strømman (NTNU-EPT)
Volker Krey (IIASA/ NTNU).


Amber Joy Nordholm. Foto

Amber Joy Nordholm, PhD (NTNU-KULT)

Tentative title: "Barriers to accelerated diffusion: Socializing, learning and up-scaling of urban pilots"

Marianne Ryghaug (NTNU-KULT)
Allan D. Andersen (UiO-TIK)
Tomas M. Skjølsvold (NTNU-KULT)


Bradley Loewen. Foto

Bradley Loewen, Postdoc(NTNU-KULT)

Topic: “Innovation, contestation and social change: Exploring radical ideas in the Norwegian energy transition.”

Marianne Ryghaug (NTNU-KULT)
Tomas Moe Skjølsvold (NTNU-KULT)
Marius Korsnes (NTNU-KULT)


Felipe Van de Sande Araujo. FotoFelipe Van de Sande Araujo, PhD

Tentative title: “Electricity Flexibility Market Analysis - Understanding the sources, motivations, risks, and viable solutions.”

Stein-Erik Fleten (NTNU-IØT)
Co-supervisors Mette Bjørndal and Endre Bjørndal (NHH)


Kyriaki Tselika. Foto

Kyriaki Tselika, PhD (NHH) 

Tentative title: “The distributional effects of renewable energy on electricity prices: A panel approach.”

Gunnar Eskeland (NHH) 
Co-advisors: Leif Kristoffer Sandal (NHH) and
Evangelos Kyritsis (Statkraft)


Krisjanis Rudus. Foto

Krisjanis Rudus, PhD (NTNU-KULT)

Topic: "Power, inclusion and exclusion in the Norwegian energy transition. Exploring tools for increased engagement and participation across sectors."

Tomas Moe Skjølsvold (NTNU-KULT)
Marius Korsnes (NTNU-KULT)
Jason Chilvers (University of East Anglia)


Portrait Jan Klenner. Foto

Jan Klenner, PhD (NTNU-EPT)

Topic: "Climate change and air pollution mitigation in the aviation sector"

Anders Hammer Strømman, (IndEcol, NTNU-EPT)
Helene Muri, (IndEcol, NTNU-EPT)




Portrett Suzanne Øverlie. Foto

Suzanne Øverlie, PhD (NTNU-IØT)

Tentative title: “Innovation and commercialization of environmentally friendly energy in University Industry Collaborations”

Roger Sørheim (NTNU-IØT)
Øyvind Bjørgum (NTNU-IØT)



Portrait Mila Mehdizadeh. Foto

Milad Mehdizadeh, PhD (NTNU-IPS)

Title: "The role of citizens in a transition of the mobility system: An agent-based modelling approach"

Christian A. Klöckner, main supervisor (NTNU-IPS)
Trond Nordfjærn, co-supervisor (NTNU-IPS)



Portrett Meike Siefkes. Foto

Meike Siefkes, PhD (NTNU-IØT)

Title: "The transition towards the zero-emission society from the energy market’s perspective"

Øyvind Bjørgum, main supervisor (NTNU-IØT)
Roger Sørheim, co-supervisor (NTNU-IØT)


Portrett Britta Ekløf. Foto

Britta Ekløf, PhD (NTNU-IPS)

Tentative title: "Citizen engagement and participation in the energy transition - an application of Agent-Based Modelling"

Christian A. Klöckner, main supervisor (NTNU-IPS)
Erica Löfström, co-supervisor (NTNU-IPS)


Maximillian Koslowski. Foto

Maximilian Koslowski, PhD (NTNU-EPT)

Working title: "Scenarios to guide the reduction of environmental footprints"

Edgar Hertwich & Richard Wood (both NTNU-EPT,  IndEcol)



Luke Whittington

Luke Whittington, PhD (NTNU-IEL)

Title: "Uncertainty analysis for robust optimization of energy markets"

Supervisor: Hossein Farahmand (NTNU-IEL)




Simen Rostad Sæther

Simen Rostad Sæther, Postdoc (NTNU-ISS)

Topic: "The politics and governance of decarbonizing the maritime sector - Prospects for accelerated transitions"

In close collaboration with Espen Moe (NTNU-ISS)



Portrait Kejia Yang

Kejia Yang, Postdoc, (UiO-TIK)

Tentative topic: "Accelerating low-carbon energy transition: speed and directionality"

In close cooperation with Allan Dahl Andersen (UiO-TIK)




Negar Safara Nosar

Negar Safara Nosar, PhD (HVL)  

Title: "Approaching Contexts in Transition Studies-The case of energy-hub-ports"

Geoffrey Sean Gilpin, HVL
Bente Johnsen Rygg, HVL
Rune Njøs, HVL


"I was impressed by the quality of NorRen summer school!"

"I was impressed by the quality of NorRen summer school!"


PhD Felipe Van de Sande Araujo on the way to a wind farm.
NTRANS PhD Felipe Van de Sande Araujo on his way to the wind farm at Midtfjellet.

“All the lectures during the week were really great. I wouldn’t trade any of them. And I got several new work connections and friends!”

(Published 27.08.2021)

Read the article here

Ledige phd-stillinger

Ledige phd-stillinger

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