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Non-Linear Wave-Body Interaction in Severe Waves Hanssen, Finn-Christian Wickmann 2019
Hydrodynamic study of a moored fish farming cage with fish influence He, Zhao 2019
Regulation of photosynthesis in heterokont algae  Røkke, Gunvor Bjerkelund 2019
Seaweeds in food applications: Effects of processing on product quality  Stévant, Pierrick 2019
Corporate Sustainability : Exploring a Case of Creating Value from Waste through a Transdisciplinary Methodology  Vildåsen, Sigurd Sagen 2019
Modular Adaptable Ship Design for Handling Uncertainty in the Future Operating Context  Choi, Minjoo 2018
Virtual Prototyping for Marine Crane Design and Operations Chu, Yingguang 2018
Investigations of Shear Interaction and Stress in Flexible Pipes and Umbilicals Dai, Tianjiao 2018
Dynamics of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle Systems  Eidsvik, Ole Alexander Nørve 2018
Validation of ship manoeuvring simulation models Gavrilin, Sergey 2018
Numerical and Experimental Study on the Ship Parametric Roll Resonance and the Effect of Anti- Roll Tank  Ghamari, Isar 2018
Phosphorus Management in an Environmental Systems Perspective: The role of secondary phosphorus recycling in the case of Norway Hanserud, Ola Stedje 2018
Tools and methods to manage risk in autonomous subsea inspection, maintenance and repair operations  Hegde, Jeevith 2018
Microbial ecology and food safety of fresh retail sushi  Hoel, Sunniva 2018
Navigation and Control of Underwater Robotic Vehicles  Jørgensen, Erlend Kvinge 2018
Innovation and the role of problem formulation: capitalizing on the potential of collective intellect for value creation  Morais-Storz, Marta Angelica Oliveira  2018
The influence of phosphate depletion on lipid metabolism of microalgae Mühlroth, Alice 2018
The Local Museum in the Global Village: The Idea, Functions and Practices of Local History Museums in Rapidly Changing Diverse Communities Müller, Insa 2018
Guidance and Control of Marine Robotics for Ocean Mapping and Monitoring  Nornes, Stein M 2018
Characterization of biological tissue using statistical and physics-based hyperspectral image processing methods  Paluchowski, Łukasz Andrzej 2018
Resilience by Latent Capabilities in Marine Systems  Pettersen, Sigurd Solheim 2018
Safety and Verification of Advanced Maritime Vessels - An Approach Based on Systems Theory  Rokseth, Børge 2018
Operational limits for floating-collar fish farms in waves and current, without and with well-boat presence  Shen, Yugao 2018
Aided Inertial Navigation of Underwater Vehicles Stovner, Bård Nagy 2018
Sea Loads on Closed Flexible Fish Cages  Strand, Ida M. 2018
Bureaucracy overload calling for audit implosion: A sociological study of how the International Safety Management Code affects Norwegian coastal transport  Størkersen, Kristine Vedal 2018
Data mining methods for the analysis of power systems of vessels  Swider, Anna 2018
Risk Analysis and Modelling of Autonomous Marine Systems Thieme, Christoph Alexander  2018
Development of life cycle impact assessment methodologies for impacts on marine ecosystems  Woods, John Sebastian 2018
Systems Integration and Communication in Autonomous Unmanned Vehicles in Marine Environments Zolich, Artur  2018
Three-dimensional streaming in sea bed boundary layer Afzal, Mohammad Saud 2017
A Two-dimensional Numerical and Experimental Study of a Floater with Net and Sinker Tube in Waves and Current  Bardestani, Mohsen 2017
Hybrid Control of Marine Vessels: Dynamic Positioning in Varying Conditions  Brodtkorb, Astrid H.  2017
Simultaneous stochastic model of waves and currents for prediction of structural design loads  Bruserud, Kjersti 2017
Long-Term Extreme Response Analysis of Marine Structures Using Inverse Reliability Methods  Giske, Finn-Idar Grøtta 2017
Safety and efficiency enhancement of anchor handling operations with particular emphasis on the stability of anchor handling vessels  Gunnu, Giri Rajasekhar 2017
Multi-layer systems approach for assessing the socio-economic metabolism of food  Hamilton, Helen Ann 2017
A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Wave-induced Hydroelastic Response of a Circular Floating Collar  Li, Peng 2017
Feed Distribution in Large Scale Sea Cage Aquaculture: Experiments, modelling and simulation  Skøien, Kristoffer Rist 2017
Tools and Methods for Autonomous Operations on Seabed and Water Column using Underwater Vehicles  Candeloro, Mauro 2016
The effect of nutrition on important life-history traits in the marine copepod Calanus finmarchicus  Leiknes, Øystein 2016
Integrated Environmental Mapping and Monitoring: A methodological approach for end-users  Nilssen, Ingunn 2016
Multiple Environmental Stressors: Biological Interactions Between Parameters of Climate Change and Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances in Fish  Olufsen, Marianne Opsahl  2016
Salinity as a driver for microbial community structure in reactors for nitrification and anammox Silva, Blanca Magdalena Gonzalez 2016
Tracing the fate of escaped farmed cod (Gadus morhua L.) in a Norwegian fjord system Varne, Rebekka 2016
Modeling, Estimation and Control of Freezing and Thawing Processes: Theory and Applications Backi, Christoph Josef 2015
Advanced Food Processing Equipment Design for a Sustainable Salmonid Fish Industry in Norway  Bar, Eirin Marie Skjøndal 2015
Sodium reduction in muscle foods: Analytical methods for measuring sodium and changes in the food matrix during sodium reduction in muscle foods. Greiff, Kirsti  2015
Guidance and decision-support system for safe navigation of ships operating in close proximity.  Husjord, Dagfinn 2015
Phospholipids in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) larvae rearing: Incorporation of DHA in live feed and larval phospholipids and the metabolic capabilities of larvae for de novo synthesis  Li, Keshuai 2015
Formulation and Application of Finite Element techniques for Slender Marine Structures Subjected to Contact Interactions  Longva, Vegard  2015
Integrated Economic and Physical Information for Environmental Footprint Modelling Steen-Olsen, Kjartan 2015
Marine renewable energy conversion: Grid and off-grid modeling, design and operation  Sjolte, Jonas 2014
Biofouling in the Norwegian Salmon Farming Industry  Blöcher, Nina  2013
Flow past porous cylinders and effects of biofouling and fish behavior on the flow in and around Atlantic salmon net cages  Gansel, Lars C. 2013
Improved water quality in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) by applying a membrane bioreactor (MBR) concept for removal of colloidal and fine suspended solids  Holan, Astrid Buran 2013
Vietnamese chitin raw material, the chitin de- N -acetylation reaction, and a new chitosanalginate gelling concept  Khong, Thang Trung 2013
Conceptual design, numerical and experimental investigation of a SPM cage concept for offshore mariculture  Shainee, Mohamed 2013
Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture driven by nutrient wastes released from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) farming  Wang, Xinxin 2013
Methods for Sustainable Management of Contamination Sources in Urban Coastal Areas  Sparrevik, Magnus 2012
Cultivation of mussels (Mytilus edulis) : Feed requirements, Storage and Integration with Salmon (Salmo salar) farming  Handå, Aleksander 2012