IWAMA 2017

IWAMA 2017

IWAMA – International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation – is an important international workshop for academic and industrial experts in the fields of advanced manufacturing and automation and will be organized as an annual event worldwide.,

Manufacturing and automation has assumed paramount importance and are vital factors for the maintenance and improvement of the economy of a nation and the quality of life. The field of manufacturing and automation is advancing at a rapid pace and new technologies are also emerging in the field. The challenges faced by today’s engineers are forcing them to keep on top of the emerging trends through continuous research and development.

IWAMA aims at providing a common platform for academics, researchers, practicing professionals and experts from industries to interact and discuss trends and advances in some areas of manufacturing and automation while sharing ideas and perspectives.


IWAMA 2017 will be held on Changshu Institute of Technology, China, 2017. You can read IWAMA2017 Call for Papers here and download the template.

IWAMA Announcement