How often do we need a new sofa? Photo: / Alena Ozerova

Did you know that an average Norwegian bought 28 kg of furniture in 1988, and as much as 74 kg in 2015?* Participate in our survey so we can understand more of how furniture is bought and used.

This increase of purchase of furniture is well over 150%, higher than for other things we buy, such as cars, clothes, cosmetics and so on. And even though we buy the furniture here, in Norway, most of the environmental impact takes place in developing countries**. Every Krone we spend on furniture causes more greenhouse gas emissions than a krone spent on anything other than transport.***

Would you like to contribute to our understanding of how furniture is bought and used? If you live in Norway, you can do so by filling out our survey. It will take 10-20 minutes of your time, and we guarantee anonymous responses.

You can find the survey here

The survey is conducted by the Industrial Ecology Programme at NTNU, as part of the Lasting project led by Consumption Research Norway. We investigate the potential of extending products’ lifetimes to reduce the environmental impacts of household consumption.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with me.

You can also share this message with your network 😊 The survey is available both in English and Norwegian.

Thank you for your input!

* Thoring, A. L. (2016). Den norske forbruksfesten 15/2016 (15/2016; Issue 15/2016, p. 23). Framtiden i våre hender.
** Peters, G. P., & Hertwich, E. G. (2006). The Importance of Imports for Household Environmental Impacts. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 10(3), 89–109.
***Steen-Olsen, K., Wood, R., & Hertwich, E. G. (2016). The Carbon Footprint of Norwegian Household Consumption 1999–2012. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 20(3), 582–592.

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Kamila Krych

Kamila Krych is a PhD Candidate at the Industrial Ecology Programme and the Department of Energy and Process Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).