Write for the blog NTNU TekNat

Could you be interested in blogging at NTNU TekNat? Please note that you should contact the editors at an early point to discuss ideas, drafts or more finished blog entries.

Here are 6 things we would like you to consider:

1. Why you as researcher should blog
A blog provides a unique opportunity to reach out to people, as well as it gives you control of the content in a different way than in conventional media. Your blog entries can also get the attention of traditional media. For example, a blog entry from the Faculty of Medicine #NTNUmedicine led to a 10-page spread in Aftenposten.

2. What to write about
Do you do research on something exciting, have you discovered something interesting, do you feel surprised or provoked by something, or do you want to clarify a common misunderstanding? This is usually a very good starting point for a blog entry. All topics within or related to research and technology are suitable.

3. How much text is required in a blog entry?
The blog format is quite flexible, but a blog post will usually be between 400 and 800 words.

4. Who am I writing to?
NTNU TekNat targets journalists and other non-scientists who are interested in technology. That means that you can write something that looks more like an e-mail to a friend outside your discipline. Think about what words you would use at a family dinner party.

5. Examples of blog entries about research:

6. Something to keep in mind while writing:

  • Please write the most important thing first. The first few lines should be a summary of your message.
  • Image Use: Please check the copyrights of the images you are using. Be careful not to re-use photos from pure Google Images search.
  • Web links: Remember that you are writing for the internet. Thus, you can use links to anything from researchers and research projects to YouTube videos and Instagram photos. The latter we can happily integrate in the text, too. Please include your link in the right place in the text when you send it to us.
  • Language: We accept blog entries both in Norwegian and English.