The MRPET research group at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK), NTNU Gjøvik have completed a workshop on “Usefulness of emerging technologies in formal foreign language education”.

In collaboration with researchers from the Dept. of Applied Linguistics, Univerzita Hradec Králové, Czech Republic, the projects aims to investigate how technology can be utilised when learning foreign languages.

The workshop is a part within the project Czech–Norwegian initiative titled Usefulness of emerging technologies in formal foreign language education. The project will explore the usefulness of latest emerging technologies, such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing (NLP) in education, various forms of artificial intelligence, or augmented reality, in the process of foreign language education (FLE). This is an important issue since the present young generation was born into the technological environment and they perceive technologies as indispensable part of their everyday life, including education. However, they mainly use technologies in their informal learning, but there is not much research into emerging technologies in FLE.

To cover this gap, this project would focus on evaluation of usefulness of these technologies and their directed and useful implementation into formal FLE. Firstly, the partner research teams from the Czech Republic (CR) and Norway (N) will detect, on the basis of the systematic literature review, the most suitable technologies for FLE. Secondly, based on the results of the systematic review findings, in the form of a joint experimental study, they will attempt to employ one/some of these technologies in their FLE process. The project is planned to be run for one year, i.e., from 1 November 2022 till 31 October 2023.

The workshop started with round table introduction of the workshop participants. The discussion further continued with informal discussions between the project members related to existing partnership as well as future collaboration initiatives in form of different exchange programs and other projects.

Prof. Dr. Sule Yildirim Yayilgan (Head of MRPET research group) gave a presentation on its research group (including the research groups’ goals, visions, projects, research, and strategies) and Dept. of IIK, NTNU Gjøvik. The workshop further continued with the next presentation by Prof. Jacques Koreman from Department of Language and Literature, NTNU Trondheim on “Computer-Assisted Listening and Speaking Tutor (CALST)”.

Dr. Blanka Klímová from the Department of Applied Linguistics, Univerzita Hradec Králové, Czech Republic gave a presentation of their department, the project interim results and discussions on first research publication entitled “A Systematic Review on the Use of Emerging Technologies in Teaching English as an Applied Language at the University Level” from the project. The discussions further continued by involving the role of gamification, virtual reality for formal language learning and teaching. Furthermore, there were interesting discussions related to the ethical use, challenges, and working of the ChatGPT for education by the workshop participants.