The Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV) organized the NV Faculty Day 2021 yesterday, a streaming event. The program included sessions with the Dean and the Vice Deans along with a talk from Dr. Richard Miller, professor at Olin College and visiting professor at MiT. The talk «Thoughts on the Future of Higher Education, Lessons from 20 Years of Experimentation at Olin College» was very appreciated and inspirational.

In addition, the faculty awarded outstanding achievements by students and staff.

Award winners at the NV Faculty 2021

Team Player of the year

Oddny Sagmo, the Faculty administration

Oddny Sagmo award presentation. Photo

The Sustainability award

Gabriella Tranell and Jafar Safarian, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Gabriella Tranell and Jafar Safarian award presentation. Photo

Communicator of the year

Sofie Snipstad, Department of Physics

Sofie Snipstad award presentation. Photo

Best PhD and the Chorafas Prize

Dinesh Krishnamoorthy, Department of Chemical Engineering

Dinesh Krishnamoorthy award presentation. Photo

Innovator of the year

Department of Chemical Engineering and NV’s corona test inventors

Innovators of the corona test method award presentation. Photo

Teacher of the year

Hanna Knuutila, Department of Chemical Engineering

Hanna Knuutila award presentation. Photo

Best Bachelor student

Jørgen Søraker, Bachelor programme in Biology

Jørgen Søraker award presentation. Photo

Best Master of Science student

Thomas Nordbø Solvi, MSc in Chemistry

Thomas Nordbø Solvi award presentation. Photo

Best Master of Technology student

Martin Mojahed, MSc in Applied Physics and Mathematics

Martin Mojahed award presentation. Photo