PhD Candidate Ailo Aasen was awarded the prize for Best Poster at the conference Thermodynamics 2017, in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is impressive, as he started his PhD only eight months ago!

Ailo Aasen in front of his award-winning science poster

In the poster, he presented some of our ongoing work to unravel the curvature dependence of the surface tension for multicomponent mixtures. He presented, for the first time in history, values for the Tolman length (first order curvature correction) and rigidity constants (second order curvature corrections) of a two-component mixture.

It turns out that these quantities have a highly non-trivial and exciting dependence on the composition. The developed method and results may shed new light on nucleation in mixtures. A paper is under preparation on the topic.

Ailo Aasen was awarded with the “Stubban Prize” in 2014 for promising young mathematicians. The aim of his PhD will be to develop equilibrium and nonequilibrium thermodynamic descriptions, in order to enhance the understanding of physical phenomena that occur in the hydrogen liquefaction process to be able to increase its energy efficiency.

Blog post originally published on on September 18th, 2017

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Øivind Wilhelmsen

Øivind Wilhelmsen is a Professor II at NTNU – Department of Energy and Process Engineering