The overall goal of the System Simulation course is to give the students exercise in model, program, simulate and analyze dynamical problems where multiple engineering fields are present.

The course gives the students training in breaking down complex problems to simple model elements and formulate these mathematically. The course ends with a quite freely chosen group project. It is quite inspiring to see the diversity in subjects.

You can see some examples from the recent poster presentation here:

Students standing over two-wheeled lego robot navigating a course
This group built a two-wheeled lego model and basically tried to make it move while staying on a thin line.
Students showing science poster about wireless bungee jumping
Yep, Wireless bungee jumping. How would you express this mathematically, and simulate it?
Students in front of science poster about a simulated hyperloop
32 minutes is the time it could take with the Hyperloop train between Oslo and Trondheim. The students get to analyze the different parts of such a challenge, and simulate a simplified version.
Student demonstrating a model trebuchet
Old weapon technology: How, exactly, did the old siege engine Trebuchet work? The students simulated it, and also made and tested a small version.
Students in front of science poster about robot vacuum cleaners
Robot vacuum cleaners! Note the screen on the left, where the students have visualized the different paths a robot vacuum cleaner could take.
Students in front of science poster about hydropower plant simulation
Several students from the Energy and Environmental Engineering Programme attend this course, and several chose challenges related to hydropower technology.
Student demonstrating hydropower model with water spillage
Hydropower is wet: It’s always extra fun to see when the students give an extra effort to visualize their project simulations. Here with a small turbine.

Course TEP4240 is for Second Degree level and is taught in the fall.

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