Other points of contact

NTNU Career 

The career counselling services at NTNU help students find oppurtunities and make meaningful choices. They offer guidance on what study interest to pursue, what types of skills and knowledge are required in different fields of work, and how to make the most of your time at NTNU. Visit their website to find tips and information, courses to attend, and book guidance. Their services are free of charge. 



NTNU Alumni

NTNU Alumni is an international professional network for NTNU people. NTNU Alumni provides a forum for contact between NTNU, employers and industry, research institutions and the national and international community at large. 



The Student Organization in Trondheim (Sit)

The Student Organization in Trondheim (Sit) aims to contribute to the well-being of students and to help ensure that life as a student is as enjoyable as possible. Sit supports student organizations with tailored courses and sponsorships. Students have a say in all decisions concerning the organization, and also hold a majority on Sit's administrative board.



Student organizations

The student organization for your programme of study is a good place to start if you are interested in becoming more socially and academically involved in your chosen field. It can offer you the chance to get in touch with relevant employers. As a part of the student organization, you can take part in and help organize events with guest speakers, career fairs, company presentations, and also have a say in how and when organized social functions take place. it's a great way of acquireing experince  with leadership, work and team work. 

International student organizations at NTNU All student organizations at NTNU (Norwegian)


Trade unions 

Trade unions can initiate contact between students and employers. The trade unions offer their own student activities and counselling services. Ask your student organization about which trade unions might be relevant for you. some of the most important traade unions at NTNU are:


Career fairs and meeting places

Students invite hundreds of companies to career fairs and corporate presentations at NTNU throughout the year. There are also many conferences and seminars organized by NTNU that are open to students. These are good venues to get acquainted with research and job oppurtunities within your field.

The largest career fairs at NTNU (Norwegian) Also check out the event calendar at NTNU Bridge


Starting your own business

NTNU has Norway's foremost student innovation hub, and many students start working in their own companies after they graduate. If you are a budding entrepreneur, this is the place to start. There are a number of subjects, networks, support schemes and infrastructure for students who want to develop an idea.



Academic staff and student counsellors

Your own department or faculty can be a good place to start looking for oppurtunities. There is a lot of exciting research going on in collaboration with the public and private sectors. Contact your supervisor or student counselor, and check for oppurtunities for external collaboration within your field of study.


Economic support for academic collaboration


Please contact us with any questions or queries you might have: kontakt@bridge.ntnu.no