Useful points of contact for students

As a NTNU student you have many opportunities! Take advantage of existing networks and organizations to connect and find exciting projects. Here you will find an overview of who you can reach out to.


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Academic staff and student counsellors

Your own department or faculty can be a good place to start looking for opportunities. There is a lot of exciting research going on in collaboration with the public and private sectors. Contact your student counselor or subject teacher, and find out if there is external collaboration in your field of study you might get involved in. Maybe you will find opportunities for some hands on experience, exchange studies or an exciting projects with external partners.

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Student organizations

Student organizations are a good place to start if you are interested in becoming more socially and academically involved. You can find organizations within sports, culture, academic interests, humanitarian work and more. Also, most programmes of study have their own student organizations. They arrange guest lectures, conferences, career fairs, company presentations, humanitarian work and festive gatherings. Getting involved might also prove a good arena for gaining leadership experience as a student.


Trade unions

Trade unions can initiate contact between students and employers. The trade unions offer their own student activities and counselling services. Ask your subject teacher or student organization about which trade unions might be relevant for you. some of the most important traade unions at NTNU are:


Starting your own business

At NTNU you will find Norway's leading student innovation community, many students start working in their own company after they graduate. If you are a budding entrepreneur, this is the right place! There is a number of subjects, networks, support schemes and infrastructure for students who want to develop an idea. All students can use Spark* NTNU, a free counselling service for students who either want to develop a business idea or join an existing start-up.

Contact Spark* NTNU (Norwegian)


NTNU's Alumni network

NTNU Alumni is NTNU's professional network for current and former students and staff. Alumni facilitates knowledge sharing and exchange of experience between NTNU, public and private sector. As a student, you can benefit from the experiences of NTNU alumni through job shadowing, guest lectures and more.

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