Career fairs

Several dozens of career fairs are held at NTNU each year. The vast majority are organized by the students themselves, and the largest draw over a hundred companies and thousands of students. Career fairs are a great way to get to know employers in industries or disciplines that interest you.


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How to gain the most from career fairs

Career fairs might be your first opportunity as a student to meet potential future employers. It is therefore important to prepare well by doing research in advance. Read the Career Day program and get to know the companies that will be participating. When you have a fair overview, pick out the employers you are most interested in meeting.

Prepare good questions and use the opportunity to get useful information from the various employers. Try to find out if the company has recruited from your field of study in recent years, and why exactly these candidates got the job. This will give you an insight into the company's needs and possible avenues for employment. Remember that asking good questions shows you are motivated and interested in the business.


Some examples of questions you can use to learn more about interesting employers:

•    What do you emphasize when hiring new graduates?
•    How does a typical workday look like in your company?
•    What specific challenges and issues are you currently working on?
•    How will a potential recruitment process take place?
•    Which areas in your organization could be relevant for someone with my background and interests?

If you have a good dialogue with your company, it will be natural for you to get questions back. You may want to think about how you will present yourself and your competencies. What are you particularly good at? What are you interested in?

Make sure you have your resume at hand, and also an updated LinkedIn profile!


Still a few years until you graduate?

Then you can use career days to inquire about the possibility of collaboration on a bachelor's or master's thesis. Also, ask if the company is hiring students for part-time and summer jobs, or offering internships for students.

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