Terms of use

Applies from January 1. 2020

To become a user (create a user profile) at NTNU Bridge, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. When you create a user profile at NTNU Bridge, you consent that NTNU and NTNUs Technical Provider may process, store and publish the information you have entered in the Registration Form and Profile. The information will only be used by NTNU and will not be sold or transferred to third parties, provided there are no laws that stipulate otherwise. See the Privacy Statement for details about processing of personal information

  2. At a minimum, you have to register your name and email address to create a profile at NTNU Bridge. In addition, we encourage all users to fill in to their profile supplementary information. Some features of NTNU Bridge cannot be accessed until the profile is completed and validated.

  3. The information in your profile will be used for two main purposes:
    - Suggestions for profile and announcement matches in your "My Page" feed.
    - In a search function where other users can browse profiles and announcements by different categories.

  4. You must log in to view details about users on NTNU Bridge. You can choose to hide the details of your profile for other users on NTNU Bridge.

  5. If the information in your profile is to be used for any other purposes, consent must be obtained in advance. NTNU is obliged to process information in compliance with the Personal Data Act. You will never be asked by NTNU Bridge to register sensitive information. Never give sensitive information to NTNU Bridge yourself.

  6. NTNU may compile information provided during registration and traffic on the page for statistical purposes, in which case information will be anonymized.

  7. NTNU reserves the right to remove improper, illegal, offensive or discriminatory content. The editor of the website will assess in which cases this applies.

  8. Some links on the website may lead to sites that are not maintained or otherwise controlled by NTNU. NTNU accepts no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the information presented on these pages.

  9. The editor of the site will make notes relative to the contact information entered into NTNU Bridge. NTNU may contact you to follow-up on matters related to your activity on NTNU Bridge.



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